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Patricia Kotnik, PhD

Assistant Professor 

  • Academic Unit for Entrepreneurship (Department Chair)
  • Academic Unit for Economics (Associate Member)
  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 15:00 in Online*
Curriculum Vitae
Patricia Kotnik is an Assistant Professor at the SEB LU. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from the FELU. Research: Her main research interest lies in entrepreneurship, more specifically in entrepreneurial finance and acquisitions and also in the impacts of ICT use. In the field of public policy analysis, her interests include industrial policy, specifically innovation and entrepreneurship policy. She is a member of a research program group, financed by the Slovenian Research Agency, focusing on competitiveness, innovativeness, efficiency and sustainable development of Slovenian economy. Funded projects: she has participated in two EU-funded international research projects: a Horizon 2020 project “ISIGrowth” (Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth); and the ESSLait project (ESSnet on linking of micro-data to Analyze ICT Impact, assessing economic impact of ICT). Teaching: Patricia teaches entrepreneurship courses.
Selected Research and Consulting Activities
  • Patricia Kotnik, Mustafa Erdem Sakinç
    The impact of acquisitions on growth of European high tech entrepreneurial firms
  • ISIGrowth Working Paper, 37/2018 (Working paper)
  • KOTNIK, Patricia, HAGSTEN, Eva
    ICT use as a determinant of export activity in manufacturing and service firms : multi-country evidence
  • Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci - Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics, 2018, vol. 36, no. 1, str. 103-128 (Articles with review in journals)
  • Patricia Kotnik, Mustafa Erdem Sakinç, Alenka Slavec, Dejan Guduraš
    Executive compensation in Europe: Realized gains from stock-based pay
  • ISIGrowth Working Paper, 7/2017 (Working paper)
  • HAGSTEN, Eva, KOTNIK, Patricia
    ICT as facilitator of internationalisation in small- and medium-sized firms
  • Small Business Economics, 2016, 1-16. doi:10.1007/s11187-016-9781-2 (Articles with review in journals)
  • KOTNIK, Patricia, PETRIN, Tea
    Implementing smart specialisation strategy: Evidence-based approach
  • International Review of Administrative Sciences, 2016, vol. 82, no. 4 (Articles with review in journals)
  • BURGER, Anže, KOTNIK, Patricia
    Strokovna analiza kot podlaga za Strategijo pametne specializacije
  • Ljubljana: Služba Vlade Republike Slovenije za razvoj in evropsko kohezijsko politiko, 2014 (Expert reports and final research reports)
  • HAGSTEN, Eva, POLDER, Michael, BARTELSMAN, Eric, KOTNIK, Patricia
    The multifaceted nature of ICT : final report of the ESSnet on linking of microdata to analyseICT impact
  • Brussels: Eurostat, 2013 (Expert reports and final research reports)
  • Full Bibliography of Published Articles (COBISS)
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