Doctoral students about courses

Ivana Jovović

Ivana Jovović, Teaching Assistant (Academic Unit for Economics) at the UL SEB, PhD student at the UL SEB

"Advanced Econometrics taught by professors Wagner and Toman was at the same time the most rewarding and the most demanding course during my doctoral studies (so far!). This course provided me with deeper knowledge and understanding of theoretical econometrics, which is very helpful as I am currently working on my draft proposal. I believe that Advanced Econometrics, along with other courses, provides the right kind of methodological and theoretical foundations which are crucial for the development of research skills. I encourage future colleagues and aspiring researchers to select this course. As much as there is no royal road to Geometry, there is also no royal road to Advanced Econometrics; however, I can happily confirm that hard work does pay off. Also, should you happen to be stuck while deriving Pyrrho’s lemma, feel free to contact me for notes :)."

Chencheng Yang

Chencheng Yang, PhD student at the UL SEB

"Doctoral Programme at SEB provides you a valuable platform to earnestly sharpen your research techniques. Personally, I would really recommend the courses Advanced Econometrics and Microeconomics. The lecturing is of high quality and by choosing those courses you definitely can’t miss. Both are mainly taught by two distinguished professors from Austria. They are not only experts with rich knowledge about the subject, but have very interesting personalities as well. The classes are quite interactive and you are pushed to think and participate more. I often found the professors’ energetic lectures appealing and inspiring and I really enjoy that kind of learning process. Furthermore, a lot of work has to be done before and after lectures and you also need to take time to complete all the exercises in due course. Sometimes this could be stressful; however, you will soon find everything worthwhile after you build up a solid foundation for digging deeper into the economic research."

Antonija Kranjec

Antonija Kranjec, Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, PhD student at the UL SEB

"The Advanced Econometrics course provides students with an in-depth study of Econometric Theory. Considerable emphasis is placed on econometric thinking. With the knowledge gained in this course we are able to understand the mechanisms behind most of the modern econometric methods. Upgrading econometrics knowledge is easier with a knowledge of comprehensive econometrics theory as the one behind this course."

Tamara Poje

Tamara Poje, Teaching Assistant (Academic Unit for Accounting and Auditing) at the UL SEB, PhD student at the UL SEB

"I would recommend the course Introduction to Structural Equations Modeling with LISREL to students who intend to use structural models in their research studies, as well as to those who are not yet well acquainted with structural models and the ways of their implementation. The course is very practically oriented, since theoretical part was underpinned by testing models in LISREL program. Professor Adamantios Diamantopoulos boasts long-standing experiences in the field of structural models and is always willing to help students with specific problems, simultaneously encouraging their independent thinking."

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