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“Slovenia is quite an amazing country. People here were all nice and warm-hearted, which made me felt just like at home. International office of FELU took great care of us from the beginning to the end. Courses were totally different compared with what I had before but I learnt a lot from them.” (Yun SHEN, PR China)

5 things students must do/see while they are in Slovenia
  1. Try Cockta
  2. Have a nice day in Bled/Piran
  3. Have a drink and relax along the river
  4. Enjoy the beautiful landscape
  5. Enjoy Slovenian cuisine and Slovenian wine

Yun SHEN, PR China

„Everything in Slovenia was well organized from my arrival to my departure. During my stay I had a tutor who always helped me when I needed. University is modern, the classrooms are well equip and the teachers were well prepared and trained, also they speak good english. Everyone were responsive and concerned. People from the international office also took care of us and were always available if you need any help or have any questions. In Slovenia there is a coupon system for the student meals so you never stay hungry and you can eat in almost each restaurant in affordable price. The nature is another thing which has to be mention. It is so much diverse in such a small teritory. Beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, caves, castles, churches, museums and galleries - you should not miss any trip organized there. We made even our own trips not only in Slovenia but to the neighbour countries, you can always rent a car or go with low-cost shuttle bus company. I met really amazing people there and we had such a good time and parties of course. Exchange period is changing your life and it is a great opportunity which I recommend you not to miss, it is worth it.“ (Desislava Dmitrova, Bulgaria)

5 things students must do/see while they are in Slovenia:
  1. Bled and Bohinj
  2. Postojna jama
  3. Škocjan Caves
  4. Dragon bridge and Ljubljana castle
  5. Piran

„Slovenia is a great country with lots of opportunities. You can go to the mountains for hiking or skiing, to the sea in summer time, do rafting in the beautiful landscape, have walks through the forests.... Ljubljana became one of my favourite cities I´ve ever seen. It´s beautiful, small and cosy. You have everything u need. I love the coffee culture and the wide range of coffee places. You have great opportunities along the river to sit and rest. I love the fact that it´s not to big and u can go everywhere by bike or bus. Slovenia is also the best spot to travel around all the intresting Balkan states. The countries are so different and have much to offer. The university is very modern and has a really good reputation. You will get well informed about everything and lots of activities are going to be arranged for students.“ (Linda Greiß, Germany)

5 things students must do/see while they are in Slovenia
  1. Rafting in soca river
  2. Visit all lovely coffee places and eat cakes
  3. the coast of slovenia (Koper and Piran)
  4. Travel around as much as u can
  5. Party hard

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