European Master in Tourism Management

EMTM aims to educate tourism professionals to help create more sustainable, desirable and uncertain futures (TEFI initiative)

Tourism is a social and economic phenomenon, which calls for a holistic approach to tourism education where the broader aims of industry and society are explicitly addressed in the course’s curriculum. The European Master’s in Tourism Management (EMTM) provides students with a far-reaching and integrated understanding of the multiple disciplines and paradigms concerned with the subject, which are bound together through the framework of sustainability and responsibility. The European Master’s in Tourism Management is a two-year world-class integrated programme aimed at qualifying graduates as a world citizens to deal with the huge challenges and opportunities facing international tourism in global and local context.

Future jobs for EMTM graduates

The European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) will provide students with the skills to become international professional consultants, innovative entrepreneurs, government and public administration officials, tourism business managers, qualified employees, or academic researchers in the field of tourism.

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Main objectives of the EMTM master’s programme

  • to prepare future professionals to strategically manage and make sustainable and effective decisions in placements of high responsibility in tourism institutions
  • to provide future professionals with an integrated knowledge of the dynamics of tourism development, sustainable management, the role of cultural diversity, innovation and governance in tourism
  • to train future researchers in the field of tourism management.

Knowledge creation and values of EMTM master programme

EMTM implies more than the mere acquisition of knowledge. Learning is therefore not limited to critical reflections on the complexity of tourism in conceptual terms and the curriculum space is used in many different ways, from lectures and discussions, case studies to industry projects and field trips in national or international environments. Also, students should be able to recognize their responsibility for ethics, knowledge, stewardship, professionalism and mutuality, including the implementation of sustainable tourism development and operation in diverse contexts. EMTM fully implements the principles of TEFI (Tourism Educational Future Initiatives).

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