Admission reqirements

Obligatory admission requirements for the IMB (International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organisation) are the following:

Finished bachelor programme

with a bachelor degree (diploma) or with 180 ECTS credit points for the programmes without obligatory thesis. Please note that for non-Slovene students, the thesis verification needs to be submitted, but more specific information regarding that will be given to individuals, when needed.

Proficiency in English

since the formal language of the programme is English (not only classes, team work and study materials are available in English language, but also internal communication is carried out in English)

Residence in Slovenia at least for a year

It is compulsory for IMB students to attend classes regularly, since team work, case study approaches and presentations do not allow absenteeism. Non-Slovene students will be given further direction and personal assistance, when arranging their residence in Slovenia.

Desired structure of every generation of IMB students

IMB Admission

Please note that desired structure of every generation of IMB students is:

  • 1/3 students from aboard (non-Slovene) with various educational background
  • 1/3 of Slovene students with economics and/or business education background
  • 1/3 of Slovene students, who have finished bachelor programme other than economic and/or business science

However, actual generation structure varies from year to year. The primary guideline is to enrol ambitious, successful students with various educational and cultural backgrounds to create a unique group dynamics, which has become representative for IMB Programme.

Payment of the above standard tuition fee

IMB has the status of the above-standard master programme; therefore, students need to pay the tuition fee for the entire duration of the programme. Since student financial aid and scholarships are available for Slovene students as well as international students, please contact IMB student manager for any case-specific information.

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Connect with us

Contact Information:

University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business


Student Manager

Polonca Lovrič

Programme Director:

Professor Polona Domadenik Muren
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