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1-6/91 events


Another big project successfully finished by our IMB students! Last week our students from the Technology Management module came to an end with a big project for Procter and Gamble. Namely, P&G has just recently acquired a new, special business unit PHC (Personal Healthcare), where the supply chain highly depends on contract manufacturing. Hence, our […]



Representatives from Kearney held a presentation for IMB students

Kearney is a global consulting partnership that operates in more than 40 countries and has worked with three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 companies. On Monday, June 20th, representatives from the company held a presentation for the IMB students. Our guests gave students insight into the consulting world and acquainted them with the company. IMB […]



Neuromarketing – what happens when psychology meets marketing?

From 23. May – 24. May 2022 a Guest lecturer and visiting Professor Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, who is A Head of Neuro Consulting Services (Optimal HR Group), Professor of Practice (University of York Europe Campus), Chief Vision Officer (Wellbeing.ai), TED Talk speaker and much more, visited us at the IMB-International Full Time Master Programme in […]



IMB Breakfast meeting

It’s not just about studying at IMB. We also find time to meet at an almost informal meeting, with a croissant, coffee and some fruit. One of the Breakfast Meetings took place on June 7th. The programme director prof. dr. Polona Domadenik Muren shared with us more information about all the guests coming to visit […]



A very successful presentation at Big Bang

IMB students (marketing major) participated in the project “Returning consumers to Brick and Mortar Stores” together with the company Big Bang. The project spans two courses; Consumer behaviour and Digital marketing and social media. Students did an outstanding job in their Consumer behaviour course by conducting field observations in Big Bang stores, interviewing identified persona […]



Second IMB open day

The second open day is behind us! Our programme director prof. dr. Polona Domadenik Muren presented the International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organisation and along with Aleš Gorišek (Data Scientist, Consultant at NLB, d.d.), Žan Tratar (IMB Alumni President) and Živa Bele (28th Generation student) they explained why IMB is simply the […]


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