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19th Generation (2011/2012)

Aljančič Eva

Hello everyone. My name is Eva Aljančič. I have finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. I also spent one semester abroad in Vienna. Because of my strong voice, I am used to get people´s attention quite quickly. In the future, I want to work creatively and I would like my future career to be challenging. I believe that successfully finishing the IMB programme will get me one step closer to that goal.

Bernik Marko

Living, working abroad in new markets, countries and exploring new chances is what has always driven me in my professional as well as academic undertakings (I have attended an academic exchange in S. Korea as well as China, and participated in an internship abroad). Hence one might logically assume travelling is rather a passion than a hobby, so it is worth mentioning that I have visited many Asian, European, and some American places. Also notable is the fact that I have graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences from International Relations, as well as from the School of Economics and Business in Management. The reason for this was to expand my horizon as widely as possible in general socio-political and also more practically in economic and business aspects.
These final words intended to describe me personally, are best summed up in the following quote: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

Bizjak Neja

My name is Neja Bizjak and I come from Bitnje, a small village near Kranj. Recently, I have graduated from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. My base field was finance, however my bachelor thesis was focused on design management. Creativity in decision-making makes my life interesting. I have spent a semester in Berlin, which inspires me for future challenges. At the moment I am fully occupied with the IBM programme. However, afterwards, I would like to continue working on different projects, gain a work placement in Spain and find a creative job. According to my open-mindedness, ambitions and positive character I believe I am on the right way. I forgot to mention my passion for yoga and jogging.

Claasen Abigail Judy

My name is Abigail. I came to Ljubljana from Cape Town, South Africa. I graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a major in law & economics. Before enrolling in the IMB programme, I have been working at an Asset Manager, but I wish to gain international experience after finishing the programme.

Devetak Lara

Hi, I am Lara Devetak and I come from Italy. I am an optimistic and open-minded person and I like travelling. I graduated in Economics and Business Management major at the University of Trieste, Italy. I lived in Denmark for a year and now, at IMB, it is my second most important study experience abroad. But in fact here in Ljubljana, I feel also at home, because I am member of the Slovenian minority in Italy. Best regards, Lara

Flerin Jaka

I am Jaka Flerin from Ljubljana. I love to do all kind of sports and I was also in Slovenian youth national football team. Due to an injury I stopped playing football and decided to focus on studying. I graduated from the Faculty of economics, in the field of Bank and financial management. I am kind and extroverted person always ready for new challenges, that explain why I am glad to be part of 19th IMB generation.

Gojo David

I am 22 years old student coming from Kranj, Slovenia. My Undergraduate programme consisted of studying Business Informatics for 2 years at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business; I completed my third year on Linköping Technical University in Sweden. Due to great reviews of the programme I decided to continue my Master at IMB programme in Finance. My prior working experience are from fields of marketing, advertising, project management and software development. As a long heritage of being pro basketball player I enjoy basically any game with ball involved, especially tennis.

Grosman Achard Martin

After graduating from international trade I went to work for 2 years and a half and to travel for 6 months. During this period I could realize how important it is to be well educated and to have a high diploma such as IMB in order to get a good job. I choose IMB because it is a turbo programme and it matches my expectations in terms of training. I decided to specialize in finance because I believe that having a financial background is nowadays strongly necessary whether you want to work in a financial department or not. I would like to work in an investment bank, an asset management bank or in an import-export oriented firm.

Homar Ambrož

Before coming to IMB, I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics. In high school I did research work on liquefied wood and as a student received two Sustainable Development Awards by Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund. I consider myself a curious guy with interests ranging from Philosophy to Computational Economics. At IMB I especially like the teamwork experience.

Idrizi Driton

My name is Driton Idrizi and I come from Macedonia. I graduated from Business and Economics in South East European University. Possessing considerable theoretical background in economics, finance and management, made me more than interested in joining IMB in order to improve the practical aspect. I see IMB as a big opportunity for fulfilling my business and personal life goals. I am fluent in English, Albanian, Serbian and Macedonian. After finishing IMB studies, I would be ready to cope with future challenges related to a job position in a successful Slovenian company. I am a person who believes that it does not matter if my glass is half empty or full - just lead me to the water to keep it full!

Janežič Mojca

My hometown is in Slovenia, more defined Mengeš, which is situated near Ljubljana. I finished my undergraduate programme successfully at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, in Banking and Financial management. My wishes to enrol to IMB programme was a great decision and if I would have to do it again I would. I love to be busy with work and when I am, I function better than in any other way. I usually spend my rarely free time with my friends, family and all other priorities that are not connected to my studies. After I finished the master programme at IMB I “expect the unexpected”!

Jankovska Ana

I come from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and I graduated in Economics from the First Private University- FON in Skopje. I decided to continue with my studies at a master’s level to expand my knowledge of marketing . During my secondary school I was involved in several projects as part of a non-governmental organisation. I also gained experience with stock exchange, while working in the back office and learnt how the stock exchange functions. I like travelling, meeting new people, and going out. I enjoy living in multicultural environments and I believe that IMB Programme will provide me with a great education and new friendships which will enable me to work internationally.

Korošec Stella

I am an outgoing and creative person who likes to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. In the future I see myself working in marketing and in the long run becoming a CEO of my own company. At the moment I am also a president of The Student Section of Marketing Association Slovenia. Before graduating at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, I gained some international experiences studying in Stockholm, Sweden. In my spare time I enjoy photography, travelling and different sports like tennis, volleyball and jogging.

Lotrič Janža

I don't like the word PROBLEM. Being able to look at problems as a challenge, is something I am proud of. I like challenges and that is one of the many reasons why I chose this programme. I find meeting new people, travelling, sports and constant learning to be the biggest passion in my life. I do not hope, I am sure I will like the months that I'm facing, because they are apt to be overwhelmed with amazing filings I get, when I learn something new and overcome a challenge.

Može Izabel

I always keep up to a quote: “The first step to getting the things you want out of life, is to decide what you want”. Entering IMB programme as a person that fell in love with marketing during my undergraduate studies, I strongly decided to focus my career in that direction. I finished my bachelor programme in Zagreb, Croatia with a major in entrepreneurship. Combining good coffee and a great company I can become a chatterbox that cannot keep quiet. Being able to continually improve the business and still find the time to dedicate to my family, would be one of the biggest achievements.

Oblak Ana

My surname translated in English means cloud. And clouds describe me quite well. I live among them... up there in a small village called Lučine (Slovenia), up there in my minds. But also coming down here means doing great things, walking through the woods and nature, being interested in automotive sport and last but not least hanging out with my friends.

Pasi Heta

I am Heta Pasi, a 25-year-old sunny minded graduate student from Finland. I have a study background in social sciences, economics and statistics. During my studies I gained a lot of work experience in the field of marketing and sales. I have a never ending curiosity for new experiences, cultures and people. IMB study programme suits me very well, because I am not afraid of hard work and challenges.

Pejić Miroslav

I come from Gorica and I would gladly say that I have all the attributes that make people from Primorska region very special – I am outgoing, sociable, appreciate good things in life and I strongly believe that relationships with people create the majority of life-quality; therefore I try my best to nurture them. I studied at the Faculty of Economics before joining the IMB and spent a year in Sienna as an exchange student. I used to play football and I have to admit I adore life and try to embrace whatever opportunity it brings.

Pirjevec Lucija

I'm Lucija - a morning person, chocoholic, piano player, romantic, open-minded, always searching for new things to learn. I love the sea, that's why I chose to study in Italy - Trieste, where I have gained a bachelor's degree in Communication and advertisement. During my university I was a radio host at RAI in Trieste and I also worked in few marketing and PR companies. I have been training volleyball and athletics for many years. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends, doing sports and when I can I love going wine-tasting around the world.

Plut Jernej

Jernej Plut is the name of a man who is always in search for challenges, this was also one of the reasons why I decided to join the IMB programme . I have graduated at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, during which spent some time studying and working abroad in Korea and Sweden. I love to travel and see the world from as many different perspectives as I can.

Praper Luka

I come from Koroška region and I was born in 1988. I graduated at the Faculty of Economics in the field of Business Economics. During my study I gained practical knowledge in marketing, finance and project management. In my life I like challenging and demanding things which is one of the reasons why I have enrolled at the IMB Programme. I expect that I will gain a lot of practical knowledge and professional skills especially in the field of finance and investments and at the same time meet a lot of motivated and ambitious people. I am also a very persistent and hard working person who strives for constant development. I am sure that IMB experience will help me to fulfil my life ambitions.

Rangelov Dušan

My name is Dušan Rangelov and I come from Serbia. I have been studying business in Vienna before joining the IMB. My hobbies are going out, doing fitness regime and spending quality time with my family.

Reçica Sefa Shqipe

My name is Shqipe and I come from Kosovo. My education background is based on Math and Economics. Apart from my experience as a teacher and banking officer, further academic development was a necessity for me. I decided to join IMB programme as it will enrich my knowledge and enable me to increase the network of people and scholars from different countries and cultures. Moreover, the international working environment is another important component that builds up my career development. Even though for me it is a great challenge to attend such an intensive course considering my obligations as a mother, I believe that it is worth doing, as an investment which benefits I will utilize during my whole life.

Rus Jasna

My name is Jasna Rus and I like to present myself as a person whose ambitions consist of a wide range of interests. Apart from my new hobbies of learning and trying to squeeze one additional hour in a day, I like to read, do various sports and play the violin. I am determined to work hard to reach my dreams. Until then I always try to have a big smile on my face and create a positive environment around me.

Sever Katja

I graduated from International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. After that I worked for one year in business and at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, where I learned a lot about entering and doing business with new markets, establishing international developmental partnerships, encouraging technological and business development, innovativeness and competitiveness, and acquisition of different funding sources. This experience encouraged me to enrol at IMB and expand my knowledge in the field of business. I am confident, open-minded, communicative, and always seeking for new challenges. When I escape from the professional side of me, you can find me singing on stage, in a yoga studio or travelling across a country I have not been before.

Simoneti Luka

My name is Luka Simoneti and I graduated at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in Money and Finance. I used to play basketball for Union Olimpija Ljubljana and during that time I won several national championships. Besides that, I would describe myself as very open-minded, committed and down to earth person who is addicted to all kind of sports.

Slovnik Nejc

Has graduated from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (major in Marketing) in year 2010. During his undergraduate studies he was an exchange student in Sweden and has already gained some valuable experience from working for two student's associations. Afterwards, he spent 5 months in England working for a small sized company. He sees enrolment to IMB programme as a new step towards ambitious career goals which are mainly connected with international exposure or entrepreneurial challenges.

Sodin Lina

My name is Lina Sodin and although my hair might deceive you in thinking I am a typical Brit, I am really biologically Slovene. Even though I have spent the majority of my life in England, I love returning to the sunny side of the Alps. I read law in the UK and am now a member of the 19th IMB generation. Generally, I enjoy learning new things, playing sports and getting to know new people, places and cultures.

Stajčić Nina

Hello, I am 25- year old graduate student who never ever thought that would enrol in a Master Programme in Economics, for a reason that I previously studied Dental Medicine and later on, I also enrolled at the Faculty of economics in Zagreb. My interest in economics, as years were passing, was increasing, so I decided to round off the whole education with a Master Programme in Ljubljana. Being surrounded by people with different cultural and educational background represents a remarkable and invaluable experience for me. I am looking forward to new challenges in IMB year and to gaining life experience.

Starčič Nastja

She is open minded, curious and proactive in all the things that she is doing in her life. Always looking for new opportunities and enjoying the way, while achieving goals. She likes spending time with interesting people, with whom she shares knowledge and ideas. She is also very active in non-profit organisations as well as in sport.

Šetrajčič Dragoš Eva

I come from Ljubljana and I studied Economics at the Faculty of Economics. In life I appreciate a good company, fashion design and travelling. As I travel, I learn so much about other cultures and myself, therefore I deeply treasure all the experiences that makes me rethink what I consider a reality at the given moment. I would like to work for an international company and experience many things in life.

Šlezak Nikola

My name is Nikola Šlezak and I come from Varaždin, Croatia. I received my bachelor's degree in Rijeka, Faculty of Economics after three years and I decided that the only logical way to continue my education, was to come here. I have one older brother who graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Apart from a lot of studying I also enjoy rock climbing and travelling. Did I mention a lot of studying? Yes that too.

Štasni Maja

I have finished entrepreneurial economics at the University of Applied Sciences Vern’ in Zagreb, Croatia. During my education I have developed a great interest in marketing and that is the way I wish my career to head to. One of my life’s biggest passions is photography and I wish to create a satisfactory synergy between it and marketing. I live by the saying: “Don’t dream it. Be it!”

Štepic Rok

I am 22 years old and I have just finished my undergraduate study at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in Bank and Financial management. I am really interested in financial department as well as banking. I like learning about foreign cultures and enjoy being in an international environment. Therefore I hope to get a job somewhere abroad in one of the multinational corporations. I am really communicative and open as a person. I am interested in expanding my professional knowledge and experiences by seeking new challenges in the business world after finishing the IMB programme. Future problems on my way I see them as challenges.

Šter Petra

I am a 21-year old proud resident of Kranj, Gorenjska. I recently finished my bachelor at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in International Economics. Given my interest for mathematics, statistics and theoretical economics I enrolled in IMB to also enrich my business knowledge and get equipped for challenges of the real world. Foreign languages have always been a passion I would like to spend more time on; besides English and German I am currently working on improving my French, since I would like to build a career in Belgium.

Šuc Sandra

I am a 21 year old graduate student from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in Bank and Financial Management. I am from Slovenia, but have lived in the United States and in Sweden, where I became adapted to a multicultural environment. I enrolled in the IMB programme to remain part of such an environment and to gain some useful experience for my future career alongside a group of interesting and ambitious students with different backgrounds. My interests currently lie mainly in banking, yet I also wish to explore the world of business. I believe that with hard work and the right motivation, anything is possible.

Toplišek Žan

The reason I chose SEB LU for my undergraduate studies was to somehow break into the video game industry. I can't draw well enough and I can only do the very basic HTMl/CSS coding. Business seemed like my best option to have a crack at the industry, so I picked the Management course for my 4 first years at the faculty (luckily, I went to enjoy studying business very much and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever). The IMB programme is the second and final stepping stone before having a go at realizing my dreams. Specializing in marketing and being part of an international working environment will provide me with the last building blocks of my perceived ticket into my chosen industry. That and the excellent people I met thanks to IMB make it clear to me that choosing this route couldn't have been a better way to go.

Udovič Tadej

His personal motto is – the best walk fast. In the world of dramatic speed of change he perpetually searches for as many opportunities as possible, pursuing variety of knowledge, occupy himself with fascinating and knowledgeable people and tackle the toughest challenges. Aforementioned, he says, could not be feasible without himself being authentic and enjoying his life along the way.

Umek Irena

I am Irena Umek and I graduated in international relations. I have proved myself as extremely competent, hard-working and self-initiative person. In my free time I am a very active girl who enjoys outdoor life. This summer I tried to spend as much time as I could on the mountains, where something weird happened - I decided to apply for IMB studies - it must be the air up there. And here I stand, ready for new challenges.

Vilfan Manca

My name is Manca Vilfan. I am 21 years old and I come from Ljubljana. I graduated at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in International Economics. I have also spent a part of my undergraduate studies in Paris as an exchange student. I am a very positive and energetic person, who loves travelling and learning foreign languages. I am very pleased to take part in the IMB programme, since I think it will be a very rewarding and unforgettable experience, allowing me to prosper academically and personally and meet interesting people.

Voje Anže

After graduating from Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences and gaining some working experience at the daily newspaper Delo, I was looking for a way to upgrade my knowledge. I still have a passion for media but increasingly from a marketing perspective. Thus I see the IMB programme as an outstanding opportunity to broaden my horizons and meet excellent people; I am also delighted with the international spirit of the study programme. In my free time, I take pleasure in skiing, visiting seaside and travelling.

Vrabec Tadej

I was born in the region of Karst, one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia. Since I started to study at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business has been my second home. I spent one year as an intern in Ernst & Young, but after graduating I decided to continue with my studies. I chose the IMB programme, because it offered the best curriculum to satisfy my ambitions. In my free time, I love to travel and whenever it is possible I take my kite surfing gear with me. In general I would describe myself as a person who above averagely likes things that require a lot of effort – it is simply because I adore the feeling of mastering a challenging task.

Eva Wagner

My name is Eva Wagner and I come from Graz, Austria. I studied Accounting and Controlling at the University of Applied Science, Campus 02 in Graz but before that I gained some work experience. Within my undergraduate studies I wrote my bachelor thesis in collaboration with EPCOS, part of the EPC-TDK corporation, where I analyzed the existing performance measurement system. I discovered my love for Ljubljana when I attended the Ljubljana Summer School in 2009. Therefore I took the opportunity to attend the IMB programme to gain international experience and to have the possibility to live in such a wonderful city.

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