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22nd Generation (2014/2015)

IMB student profiles


“What does learning mean: accumulating knowledge or transforming your life?” P. Coelho

Since I was a little girl I have loved to create. So the only right decision for me was to enroll the Faculty of design in Ljubljana. I did a major in Fashion and Textile design but when I have finished it, I realized that something in my skills is missing.
I found out, that the only right decision for me to get the strongest base possible for my future career, is the IMB program. It is challenging but it contributes to the mental and personal growth.
I do not know exactly where my path in the future leads, but I am sure, that there will be more crossroads than before.

As a person I am very out-going (what might not be seen during this year), I love the feeling of freedom that travelling gives me and everything related to aesthetic. I enjoy to cuddle all kinds of animals and I also like reading.

IMB student profiles


My name is Ana and I am a 22 year old student, born in Ljubljana. I graduated from the School of Economics and Business, majoring in International business and from the first day I started my undergraduate study I knew that IMB was the right programme for me. I always want to make the best out of every chance I get and I believe that this programme will bring many new challenges but will also open new doors and opportunities for my future career. I am a person of action and I always give my best in everything I do and that is what I intend to do with the IMB. I see myself as very committed with a lot of motivation to learn and I love adventures and am an all-time optimist. Combining the previous working experience with the knowledge gained by this programme I have no doubt I will succeed on my path, reach the desired goals and grow as a person.

IMB student profiles


It was a warm Monday morning on the 25th of May 1992 when I started bringing joy into the life of people around me. I share my birthday with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, American tap dancer and actor, and Tatsutoshi Goto, Japanese professional wrestler, so it is not strange that I too am ambitious, hard-working and determined. I graduated at the School of Economics and Business, majoring in Business Economics and I see the IMB programme as the perfect starting point for the takeoff of my career.

IMB student profiles


My name is Adnan and I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, major in Economics. I am honest, challenging, curious and dynamic person. I have five years of working experience as Junior development and account manager in family-owned consulting company. After finishing IMB, currently I am planning to continue to my previous work, because I sincerely believe that it is the country of opportunities. My interest areas are energy and infrastructure sector. Throughout my work, I believe I will be able to contribute to the development of my country. One of my greatest inspirations throughout my life is my little sister Iman.

IMB student profiles


My name is Anja and I graduated at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, with a major in Marketing. I am ambitious, creative, talkative and open-minded person. I decided to do my masters at IMB because it will help me to learn several aspects related to business world and it will help me interact with corporate world confidently. My first love is travelling, dancing and great music and my second love is marketing, advertising and social media. I am still trying to combine those two.

IMB student profiles


Hi, my name is Gregor and I come from Ljubljana. I graduated at the Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana. Towards the end of my undergraduate studies I decided that I want to go into the field of economics. After doing some research I came across IMB. Being a person, who likes to be challenged, this was without any doubt, the best decision. So far IMB has been a great experience and I can’t wait what will happen next. I think that studying and working hard will definitely pay off. As a person I am ambitious, persistent, communicative and ready to achieve great things. Therefore: IMB bring it on!

IMB student profiles


Freshly forged Civil Engineer, that finds it obvious that combining his skills with managerial knowledge, building connections, looking for new things, openness to new experience, great design, loyalty, working hard, working smart and courage are essential for success in life. Living in Ljubljana, travelling the world, enjoying the sun, the beach, the sea and all the little things in life.

IMB student profiles


Hello, my name is Amna and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I graduated in Economics and International Business at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. I am very sociable, creative, enthusiastic and self-confident person :) In the future, I imagine myself as a business woman, independent, successful and owner of my own company. Also, that includes having friends all around the world, and having personality that will someday inspire someone else. However, I think that IMB is the perfect way to achieve all these goals.

IMB student profiles


Hey people!
I'm Špela Galjot, a Slovenian who graduated from the SEB LU with a minor in business logistics. I’m people-oriented, said to be a creative person who thinks outside the box and likes to try new things – one of them will be choosing marketing as a major this year. I spent a semester abroad in Nice, France, where I realized how much I want to work in an international environment. Therefore, enrolling in the IMB program was an obvious choice. I think that during this year I will face many challenges, which I love as I believe that dreams don’t work unless you do. Overall, I think the program will prepare me well for real-life business situations.

IMB student profiles


My name is Chunhui Gao, I’m from Jiangsu province China, which is a beautiful and affluent place. I studied finance in previous, but I prefer marketing, so I joined a listed company in china and worked in a marketing department for almost 5 years. I like travelling and challenges, that’s why I come here to finish my master degree in this economic faculty of Slovenia. To a country even no one has an idea where it is among my friends, but I chose here to experience a completely different world and culture. And I’m sure it will widen my field of vision and help me achieve more success in my future career.

Last but not least, I want to share one of my mottos with you, “set up a long-term goal, working hard for it, but don’t forget looking around along the road, finally it will lead you a wonderful and meaningful world”.

IMB student profiles


Coming from the land of cultural bliss, 21 year old with hope and gliss. Completed my bachelors in Psychology, don’t worry I don’t engage in mind reading typology. I believe writing is a free float of the poet, you can always see the customer the king of my poem. And that is the reason why I will embrace Marketing, it is so creative and sparkling and mindboggling. I love observing people, sometimes that is my steeple. This makes me good with tapping my feet, Salsa: bollywood and boogie wogie. I am so terrified by Math, because it puts me on the narrow path. Graphs: Numbers : Algebra :, omg I start losing my stamina. But I am here to fight, to defeat my fears and fright. To be a lady of ultimate substance, thus, I join the IMB family. NAMASTE to you from the INDIAN values!

IMB student profiles


My name is Roman Grah and I come from Ljubljana. I am a young, athletic , optimistic guy who is not afraid of challenges. I choose IMB, because I think that this programme will give me proper education and business edge to be suitable for different future possibilities which I am certain will help me climb life and career leader.

IMB student profiles


Hey everyone! My name is Avgust, i'm from Vopovlje and I graduated from the Faculty of Business Studies in Ljubljana. My educational path started in computer sciences but later I decided economics was a career path better suited to me. I decided to continue my education at this programme so I could get a feel for an international environment and further further develop my business knowledge.

IMB student profiles


I graduated from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in Bank and Financial Management. The first semester of the final year i spent in Vienna, Austria, where I was part of an Erasmus exchange program. There I found out that I definitely want to work abroad in the near future, and when I heard about the IMB program I knew that it would equip me with the knowledge to face all the challenges that await me in the business world. I'm very optimistic, positive and sometimes also too competitive. I'm also very interested in sports management so I'm hopeful I'll be able to have an opportunity also to work in that field at some point in the future. In the free time I enjoy playing all kinds of different sports.

IMB student profiles


Hi, my name is Kristina and I come from Macedonia. I graduated from Faculty of Economics, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”- Skopje, with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Business. I have two years working experience in the banking sector. Because of my flexibility and openness for changes, I was eager to start this journey. IMB is a great challenge and wonderful opportunity to push your limits. Also, taking part of a group of students with different cultural and education backgrounds will improve my intercultural communication, broaden my views and it will be a life- changing experience. Because of my dynamic and energetic nature, I see myself working on different projects on international level, continuously progressing and investing in knowledge and skills. My moto in life is: “Carpe diem & never give up!”

IMB student profiles


Greetings from the west of Turkey, I am an electrical and electronics engineer, yes I am playing with numbers in my whole life and also I am a theater artist, that is my life. I am an ambitious, curious about different cultures, analytical, sociable, outgoing, creative. I would like to combine engineering and business administration, so that's why I have decided to come IMB programme. After IMB graduation, I want to work in an international company in accordance with my talents and professional perspective. In my point of view, it is great to have new experiences, high knowledge and adding extra value to professional vision, especially for achieving my long term goals.

IMB student profiles


While studying for my bachelor degree in International Relations at the faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, I developed an interest in global policy, development, business and management. I believe that business plays a big part in this globalised world and therefore I decided to deepen my economic background at IMB. A year, which I spend studying abroad, was enough to shape my wish to work in an international environment in the future. I like to think of myself as a creative, optimistic and initiative person, who searches for the less obvious side of a solution. A daily chocolate intake is a must, nicely build bicycle lanes are a priority of urban architecture and music is an important way of expressing myself. I trust that a positive attitude, activism and dedication will help to overcome even the hardest challenges in life. IMB is only the first step.

IMB student profiles


My name is Grega Kurent, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I graduated in Finance from University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business and I have also experienced one year of studying in Finland as part of my Erasmus exchange programme. I like to set my goals high and out of comforting zone where I can challenge myself. This is also the reason that I have applied for IMB programme where I would like to absorb as much knowledge and experiences as it is possible. My future wishes are to find some internship abroad and work in a field of Finance and also find enough time for friends, sports and traveling.

IMB student profiles


I come from Slovenia and I graduated from University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, with major in Entrepreneurship. I am highly ambitious, open-minded, and always positive person. I believe if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough, so I do like challenges. Since my favourite hobby is traveling, I decided to study one year abroad, in Lisbon.This experience gave me a lot. Not only long-lasting friendships, but i grew as a person. Furthermore, I realized how important knowledge is and I wanted to continue my studies in international environment and for those reasons I chose IMB programme. I know it will give me valuable knowledge and prepare for a wild business world.

IMB student profiles


Hi, I am Sehare Maliqi from Prizren, Kosovo. I graduated from the American University in Kosovo. My majors are Business Management and Public Policy whereas my minor is International Relations. My studies were exclusively in English. The reason why I am part of the 22nd Generation of the IMB is because finishing graduate studies in a foreign country has been always one of my life goals. I have participated two times in Ljubljana Summer School (2013 & 2014) and, since I really liked Ljubljana and enjoyed being here I decided to do my graduate studies here. Back home, I am a member of the Municipality Assembly of my city which is the second largest city in Kosovo and I also work in the Management Department of my family business. This is why I am going to go back home immediately after finishing the program, since duties keep calling.

IMB student profiles


My name is Matic Mercun and I am from Ljubljana. I have finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. Last year I spent one semester in Lisbon. I am young entrepreneur and I could say that business is my biggest passion. One of the most important hobbies in my life is also stock trading. I believe that IMB Programme will provide me with a great education, new friendships and needed experience to start my career abroad.

IMB student profiles


Since I can remember I have been a big travel enthusiast. I take every opportunity to travel and discover a new part of the world that I have not visited yet. In the meantime I have graduated from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences and I am continuing my studying in IMB because I am also ambitious of having a successful business career. I realize that the happiness in your life depends on how much you work for it and that no matter what you have to keep positive.

IMB student profiles


My name is Ivan Mirotić and I come from Podgorica, Montenegro. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, majoring in International Business. I also spent one semester on exchange studies in Slovakia. I would describe myself as a positive, balanced, zealous, friendly and humorous person. I love basketball, darts, climbing, skiing, reading books, travelling and meeting new cultures, chess and movies. Although I am not sure what the future holds, I am confident that the IMB programme will prepare me for the challenges I am about to encounter in my career.

IMB student profiles


My name is Rebeka and I am in love with the cities I have never been before! This is one of the many reasons I decided to be a part of the IMB programme. My interest is international business in general, specially emerging markets in Asia. In the future i see myself having a successful career that will involve lots of hard work and travelling, so I will be able to love those cities for ever.

IMB student profiles


My name is Ana Isabel Munguia and I come from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. I have an B.A in Marketing from Tec de Monterrey. I love traveling and immersing in different cultures, I did an international semester at IESEG School of Management and I'm even currently learning Slovenian. I'm very curious, driven and determined. I currently blog at www.thesunnysideofthis.com where I write all about my musing on life in Slovenia. I came to IMB because I want to become a leading marketing trend analyzer. I'm very open to the new experiences, and challenges ahead. So far, so great!

IMB student profiles


Hello, I am Albina. I am 22 and I come from Prishtina, capital city of Kosovo. I graduated from American University in Kosovo majoring in Management and Public Policy whereas my minor was International Relations. I am a person that likes challenges and I focus all my effort to achieve the goals I set to myself. This is the reason why I chose the IMB Program. I believe that the challenges I will be facing during this program will be very helpful in my future career.

IMB student profiles


My name is Nataša and I graduated at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. I am a passionate traveler and always open to gain any kind of international experience. I spent one semester of my undergraduate study in Brisbane, Australia and this experience really broadened my horizons. In the future I would love to work in an international environment and that is why IMB program felt like the right choice for the continuation of my study. I was not wrong - the program is very challenging in a positive way and will definitely equip me for the real business world

IMB student profiles


My name is Nika Ojsteršek and I come from Ljubljana. I graduated from the School of Economics and Business, major in International Business. My passion is dance and this year I chose to choreograph my way through the IMB Programme. I am positive and communicative and I like to travel and meet new people. I am open for new experiences and I am looking forward to gaining new knowledge, skills, friends and great memories at the IMB Programme this year.

IMB student profiles


I am 25-year-old world history and politics enthusiast. My other interests include movies (mainly horror and science fiction), fantasy books, science, technology, and wonders of nature. In fact, physics was my first choice of undergraduate studies, which, unfortunately, I have never been able to finish. After transferring to the Faculty of Business Studies in Ljubljana, where I have found my new passion and graduated with bachelor thesis titled “Effects of Labor Market Reforms on Labor Market Outcomes” I have decided to apply for IMB program. I saw it as a chance to widen my horizon and extend the opportunities for future employment. In addition to that, I love international environment, which is something I have found out as early as in high school, when I had opportunity to spend few weeks on exchange in Frankfurt and Budapest with youth of my age. During undergraduate studies I was on one-month-long student exchange in Trnava, Slovakia. I also had a chance to work as a Stagiaire to MEP in European Parliament in Brussels. I believe all things listed have equipped me with enough experience and willpower to successfully tackle any obstacle that may lie ahead in the year that follows. I know that many sacrifices will have to be made (for example, time and energy needed to go jogging on daily basis), but at the end, I am convinced, we (all my colleagues on IMB program as well) will come out stronger, due to mutual help and cooperation. What is more, I am still single, so ladies you can add me on Facebook. ;)

IMB student profiles


My name is Klemen Pahulje and I come from Grosuplje. I graduated from the Faculty of Civil engineering in Ljubljana. In my free time I love to do all kinds of sports, travelling and spending time with my friends and family. I am sociable and positive person that always looks forward new challenges and focused on finding opportunities in problems and not problems in opportunities.

IMB student profiles


My name is Kristina and I come from Ljubljana. I have graduated from Faculty of Tourism Studies, majoring in Tourism. During IMB programme I intend to fully develop my life and business skills. I love getting to know new things and broadening my wives, that is why I am constantly learning and that is what I intend to do as long as I breathe. I am constantly developing new interests and learning new things that can help me in life and business. Later I would like to find a company to fulfil my desires of personal growth, competitiveness, creativity, loyalty, leadership and opportunities. Also I wish to travel the world and learn something new wherever I come. And my biggest hope for the future is to keep finding time for myself and people I care the most.

IMB student profiles


My name is Ana Petkovska, and I come from Macedonia. My international journey started more than a few years ago, when I graduated high school in the US. I then completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, majoring in Marketing, and the rest is history! The reason I enrolled into the IMB programme is that I believe such an education provides a strong foundation for the real life that awaits us. My aspirations in life are to become the best version of myself - academically, professionally, and spiritually.

IMB student profiles


Hi ! My name is Florencia del Carmen Rentería Zepeda. I come from Toluca, Mexico. I consider myself as a really fortunate person as I have had lots of wonderful and once in a lifetime experiences, being part of IMB one of them. I love new challenges because they remind me how capable I can be when I really want to achieve something and when I work for it with all my effort and all my heart. So in this new adventure that I decided to "enrol to" I believe that hard work, perseverance, optimism and a good attitude will lead me to my expected results. I also see myself as a really enthusiastic and sociable person that enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. But what I cherish the most is travelling, running and spending time with the ones I love as this really fulfils my heart.

IMB student profiles


Hello! Guten tag! Bonjour! Ni hao! Merhaba! ¡hola! Привет! My name is Urška and I come from Ljubljana. I graduated at School of Economics and Business, majoring in marketing. I am usually a very positive, optimistic person and in a good mood all the time. But when I’m not you should stay away, because it can get ugly. :) I am a big believer in karma and in one particular saying: Do good and good will come to you. I try to live by this rule every single day. And most of the time I’m quite successful. Fortunately. One of my goals in life is to turn our family business into huge multinational company. Go big or go home you know .. And I am certain that IMB program will help me achieve that.

IMB student profiles


My name is Jernej Simič and I was born in Ljubljana. I would describe myself as a very positive, ambitious and clear-thinking person. I graduated from Analytical Sociology in Ljubljana and also spend a full year studying abroad at Masaryk University in Brno. I chose IMB because I would like to work on a management position in an international environment where I could strive and develop my full potential while still enjoy every moment of it. I believe this programme will prepare me best for the challenges that await for me in my future business career.

IMB student profiles


I am 24 year old and last year I graduated from Entrepreneurship at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. My friends know me as a communicative and friendly guy, who always have time to do sports or just hang out. I always like to help people if they need me, because I think that from any work or person you can gain something, that can help you in the future. The reason why I applied for the IMB program is because finishing my master and asking myself if I could have done it better and harder at the end was not an option for me. In the future I am planning to work abroad, the best option for me would be to work in one of the BRIC countries. This environment on my opinion offers everyday challenges which make life interesting and also a lot of opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional.

IMB student profiles


Hi there! My name is Grega and I come from Ljubljana. I graduated in Entrepreneurship at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. I am ambitious, motivated and hardworking person, so enrolling on IMB programme is not a surprise, because it is the most suitable master programme for me. In my opinion programme will fulfil all my expectations and it will prepare me for my future career in business. In my free time, which I don’t spend on IMB premises, I enjoy traveling, sports and socialising with my family and friends.

IMB student profiles


I am a hard-working, driven and determined person that loves challenges more than anything. Since my early age I’ve been doing sports and I soon found my way to professional volleyball league and Slovenian national team with which I’ve travelled the world and got to know a lot about different cultures. I believe that sport has made me in to what I am today and gave me both the mindset and the necessary values that are needed in the today’s world of business: persistence, determination, never giving up, team-work capabilities and many more. I graduated from the English and Russian languages in Ljubljana, which I think is as a good starting point since I want to work abroad. I am especially fascinated with the Eastern European economies and markets, especially Russian, and would after finishing IMB love to work for one of the Slovenian companies that operate there.

IMB student profiles


I am a 23 year sociable, outgoing and extremely communicative person, always prepared on new challenges. Having many experiences from working in different social and economic fields as also abroad, my main interest is to combine those experiences with additional knowledge of economics, as it seems to me this can be a useful combination for achieving my goals. Gaining international experience in USA was definitely a positive experience that will help me to succeed in my dreams. In near future I see myself working abroad in marketing and in the long run having my own international company. By heart, I am passionate dancer for 10 years already, however also in love with gaining experiences from other parts of the world, with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

IMB student profiles


Hey! My name is Asan. I am from Kyrgyzstan, I bet a lot of you have never heard about that beautiful country in Central Asia. I have experience in Public Affairs and communications, digital marketing. I do my best to implement all knowledge and skills that I gain on my way to help people in need.
I love traveling, so far I visited over 15 counties.
Life brings a lot of surprises, let's see where it will bring me in future.

IMB student profiles


Hello, my name is Arne. I come from Ljubljana and I have a different background than economics and business. I am a sportsperson, I like to read, surf on the Internet and have conversations about literally anything. I also like to go out, have fun and just enjoy life. When I was still an undergraduate, I realized that I want to work in a completely different field – business. However, I still graduated in history and philosophy and then worked for a year. Then I heard about IMB and I quickly decided to enroll because it was known as a very good business program. And when the program started it lived up to it's reputation. When I finish IMB, I would like to work abroad and after few years I would like to come back to Slovenia.

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