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Znanstveno raziskovalni seminarji in konference

Razpisani seminarji

Datum Predavatelj in naslov seminarja Prijava
3.10.2018 Sven Hoeppner (Ghent University):
“Delegated Promises”
25.9.2018 Prof. Spencer Harrison (INSEAD):
25.9.2018 prof. Arne Carlsen, prof. Anders Dysvik, prof. Miha Skerlavaj and prof. Øyvind Kvalnes (BI, Norwegian Business School and Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana):
“Growing Givers at Work: A Systems Approach to Prosocial Agency”

Zaključeni seminarji

Datum Predavatelj in naslov seminarja
19.7.2018 dr. Katarzyna Minor:
“Daily Deals in Hospitality - Hospitable or Hostile?”
11.7.2018 Jose Benitez :
“Social Media Capability and New Product Development Performance: An Empirical Investigation”
3.7.2018 Distinguished Professor Dr. Ekant Veer (University of Canterbury):
“Physically Freeing: Breaking Taboos through Online Displays of the Sexual Self”
26.6.2018 Christina Dargenidou (University of Exeter), Marta de Vicente Lama (Universidad Loyola Andalucía), Beatriz García Osma (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid):
“Real Activities Management to Prevent Fiscal Deficits: Evidence from Municipal Corporations”
20.6.2018 Klaus Neusser (University of Bern):
"BS | EF seminar: Time-Varying Rational Expectations Models: An Application to the New Keynesian Model"
19.6.2018 Prof. dr. Christian Fieseler (BI Norwegian Business School):
“Managing Emotional Labor in the Digital Economy”
13.6.2018 Nicolas Albacete and Peter Lindner, OeNB:
"BS | EF seminar: The Household Finance and Consumption Survey and Applications in Austria"
13.6.2018 Prof. Dr. Lucia Bellora-Bienengräber (Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Universität Hamburg):
“Revisiting the levers of control with meta-analytic methods: On the nomological network, hierarchies, and construct operationalization”
13.6.2018 Prof. Dr. Lucia Bellora-Bienengräber (Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Universität Hamburg):
“How do Presentation Format, Time Pressure, and Visual Attention affect Subjective Performance Evaluation in a Balanced Scorecard Setting–An Eye-Tracking Experiment”
5.6.2018 prof. dr. Naveen Donthu (Georgia State University, USA; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Business Research):
“Cultural Orientation and Technology Acceptance” and “Lessons from JBR Editorship”
30.5.2018 Nenad Kos (Bocconi University):
"BS | EF seminar: Investing in Bargaining Power"
25.5.2018 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze (Faculty of Business and Economics - University of Augsburg) and Prof. Dr. Tami Dinh (Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing - University of St.Gallen):
“Conservatism and Endogenous Preferences”, “The effect of bonus deferral and bonus recovery on managers’ self-interest: An experimental examination of effort provision”
24.5.2018 Prof.dr.ir. Hajo A. Reijers, a full professor in Business Informatics at the Department of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU):
“Business Processes: All Around Us”
9.5.2018 prof. dr. Nadia Massoud (Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne):
“Presidential Power and Shareholder Wealth”
8.5.2018 prof. dr. Cristina Villar (University of Valencia, Spain):
“Managing inter-regional expansion in the multinational: the springboard subsidiary”
25.4.2018 Sara Dolničar, PhD, Professor (Business School, The University of Queensland):
“Tricking tourists into environmentally friendly behavior”
23.4.2018 Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerald Reiner (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt):
“Retail store logistics operations and food waste”
23.4.2018 Bettina Grün (Johannes Kepler University Linz):
“Semi-parametric regression under model uncertainty in economic applications”
18.4.2018 Prof. Dr. Christian Laux (Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance):
“Staggered Debt Roll Over and Liquidity”
17.4.2018 Katarzyna Budnik (ECB):
"Policy actions of macroprudential nature in Europe 1995-2014"
28.3.2018 Dr. Thorsten Makowski (Managing Director, VALUENEER GmbH, and Adjunct/Visiting Faculty at multiple Business Schools worldwide):
“From supply maturity to collaboration maturity”
27.3.2018 George Christodoulides, PhD, Professor (Birkbeck, University of London; Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana):
“Consumer-Brand Forgiveness: Conceptualization & Measurement”
22.3.2018 Maria Eva Ortega Eslava (Banco de España):
"Inflation Expectations in Euro Area Markets"
14.2.2018 Paul Pichler (OeNB in University of Vienna):
“Liquidity Risk and Financial Stability Regulation”
16.1.2018 izr. prof. dr. Sergeja Slapničar:
“External Auditor Reliance on Internal Audit: the Moderating Role of Audit Committee”
19.12.2017 doc. dr. Evelin Krmac:
“An Evaluation of Train Control Information Systems for Sustainable Railway using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Model”
13.12.2017 izr. prof. dr. Aleš Berk Skok :
“Initiate Deficits to Strengthen Public Finances: The Role of Private Pensions”
12.12.2017 Dr Karolos-Konstantinos Papadas:
“Green marketing orientation: Conceptualization, scale development and validation”
6.12.2017 Dr. Charles Larkin :
“Has the uniformity of banking regulation within the European Union restricted rather than encouraged sectoral development?”
21.11.2017 doc. dr. Tomaž Hovelja:
“The influence of diffusion of innovation theory factors on undergraduate students' adoption of Scrum”
24.10.2017 doc. dr. Matevž Rašković, prof. dr. Nina Ponikvar:
3.10.2017 ddr. Igor Ivašković:
“The stakeholder-strategy relationship in non-profit basketball clubs”
26.9.2017 prof. dr. Luk N. Van Wassenhove:
“Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Operations Management: Closed-Loop Supply Chains and Humanitarian Operations”
19.9.2017 Sut I Wong:
“Failing to Try: Creative Self-efficacy and Creative Performance”
13.9.2017 prof. dr. Tom Berglund:
“Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Governance: An Overview”
12.9.2017 asist. dr. Aleša Saša Sitar :
“Learning-structure fit: The relationship between employee learning and organizational structure”
19.7.2017 Inbong Ha:
Trend of World Economy
19.7.2017 Nishtha Kesswani:
How privacy invasive Android apps are?
19.7.2017 Alison Pearce:
Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3: a million euro research project in Europe and Korea
12.7.2017 Priti Verma:
Maruti Manesar Violence : What Went Wrong? A Case Study
12.7.2017 Helena Chytilova:
An Experimental Approach to Money Illusion
12.7.2017 Luz Elena Ramirez, Eva Kirsch:
Building partnerships in the Mediterranean Studies Academy at CSUSB
11.7.2017 William Lazonick, PhD, Professor:
“The Functions of the Stock Market and the Fallacies of Shareholder Value”
7.7.2017 Russell Kapryn:
Dialect in the Workplace
7.7.2017 Jenna Bozarth:
Putting Slovenia on the European Itinerary: Museums, National Identity, and Tourism
7.7.2017 Faith Nevarez:
YouTube and Tourism: A Comparative Study of Vlogs on Slovenian Tourism
6.7.2017 prof. dr. Miha Škerlavaj:
5.7.2017 prof. dr. Andreja Cirman:
28.6.2017 Salvini Datta:
“Ex ante Regulation and Ex post Liability for Pharmaceuticals: the influence of liability on company incentives to innovate”
27.6.2017 prof. dr. Tatiana S. Manolova:
“Business group effects on the R&D intensity-internationalization relationship: Empirical evidence from India”
14.6.2017 asist. mag. dr. Rok Spruk, prof. dr. Aleksandar Kešeljević:
“Economic Freedom and Growth Across German Districts”
13.6.2017 prof. dr. Paul Marer:
“Flow – promoting Leadership”
8.6.2017 prof. dr. Niels Agatz:
“Challenges in last-mile delivery planning for e-grocery”
5.6.2017 prof. dr. Iltae Kim:
“The Relationship between Local Employment Growth and Regional Economic Growth in Korea”
31.5.2017 Rosanne Vanpée, PhD:
“Subjectivity in sovereign credit ratings”
30.5.2017 prof. dr. Simon Čadež:
“The role of open repositories in scholarly communication: the case of SSRN”
23.5.2017 prof. dr. Tomaž Kolar:
“Conceptualising tourist experiences with new attractions: the case of escape rooms”
16.5.2017 Dr Yuyu Zhang:
“Sustainability Committee Effectiveness and CSR Assurance”
9.5.2017 prof. dr. Tjaša Redek, doc. dr. Uroš Godnov:
8.5.2017 prof dr. Liljana Ferbar Tratar:
25.4.2017 Prof. Dr. Ki-Hoon Lee:
“Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Sustainability Accounting Perspective”
21.4.2017 dr. Selma Kadić-Maglajlić, red. prof. dr. Irena Vida:
“Clarifying the influence of emotional intelligence on salesperson performance”
18.4.2017 asist. Katja Terglav, mag. posl. ved, prof. dr. Robert Kaše, prof. dr. Maja Konečnik Ruzzier:
“From employee brand knowledge to sales performance: A multilevel study of internal branding process in the automotive industry”
12.4.2017 prof. dr. Nadia Massoud:
“Bank Debt and Corporate Governance”
11.4.2017 red. prof. dr. Tomaž Čater, asist. Ivan Župić:
“Bibliometric Methods in Management and Organization”
5.4.2017 prof. dr. Robin Lumsdaine:
“The Complexity of Bank Holding Companies”
4.4.2017 asist. Karla Oblak:
“Incentive sensitivity to achievement motivation in cognitive tasks”
29.3.2017 prof. dr. Ana Paula Serra:
“Are rankings of financial analysts useful to investors?”
28.3.2017 asist. dr. Tanja Grublješič:
“The role of compatibility in predicting business intelligence and analytics use intentions”
27.3.2017 Dr. Aysu Göçer:
21.3.2017 prof. dr. Ibrahim Abosag:
“Understanding Counterarguments in Managing Consumer Boycotting Behaviour”
14.3.2017 asist. dr. Darija Aleksić:
“Dear Employer, Let Me Introduce Myself” – Flow, Satisfaction with Work–Life Balance and Millennials’ Creativity”
1.3.2017 dr. Jernej Mencinger:
“Asymmetric effects of fiscal policy in EU and OECD countries”
28.2.2017 red. prof. dr. Metka Tekavčič, doc. dr. Judita Peterlin, asist. dr. Sandra Damijan:
“Identification of managerial challenges regarding corporate sustainability implementation”
22.2.2017 Vasja Sivec, Matjaž Volk:
“Bank Response to Policy Related Changes in Capital Requirements”
21.2.2017 prof. dr. Noel J. Pearse:
“Identity theory, leadership and entrepreneurship”
15.2.2017 dr. Danijela Tuljak Suban:
14.2.2017 asist. dr. Anton Manfreda:
“Bridging the gap between top and IT managers – a necessity in the era of digital transformation”
7.2.2017 doc. dr. Matej Černe:
“Tick Tock: Time Pressure, Prosocial Motivation, Perspective Taking, and Knowledge Hiding”
31.1.2017 doc. dr. Aljaž Stare:
“Agile Project Management in Product Development Projects”
24.1.2017 prof. dr. Aleš Popovič:
“Business Intelligence Capability: The Effect of Top Management and the Mediating Roles of User Participation and Analytical Decision-Making Orientation”
18.1.2017 asist. mag. dr. Rok Spruk:
“Using the Variation in Transaction Costs to Explain the Propensity to Patent: Some Firm-Level Evidence”
17.1.2017 Dunja Meštrović:
“Service quality, students’ satisfaction and behavioural intentions in STEM and IC higher education institutions”
10.1.2017 dr. Ilan Alon:
“The development and validation of the Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient”
3.1.2017 doc. dr. Mateja Bodlaj:
»The impact of environmental turbulence on the perceived importance of innovation and innovativeness in SMEs (work-in-progress)«.
14.12.2016 dr. Denis Marinšek CFA:
13.12.2016 Doctor of Philosophy Gayle Kerr:
"How consumers see media: A model of Paid, Earned and Owned Media"
6.12.2016 o. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dr. h.c. Udo Wagner:
"Influence of amodal, sensory packaging information on associations about the respective product"
2.12.2016 dr.sc. Jasmina Dlačić:
23.11.2016 asist. dr. Aleša Lotrič Dolinar:
"Increasing life expectancy at birth in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia over the last few decades: decomposition by age and cause of death"
22.11.2016 assist. prof. Daniela Garbin Praničević:
"Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Support of Sustainable Tourism Management"
17.11.2016 Mette Vedel, Phd.:
"The triad as a "laboratory" for studying and specifying network phenomena in business markets"
15.11.2016 Tina Šegota:
"Critical reflection on the measurements of residents' attitudes towards tourism: evidence from the empirical models on residents' support for tourism"
8.11.2016 Kaja Rangus, PhD.:
"Proclivity for open innovation: Construct development and empirical validation"
13.10.2016 prof. dr. Robert Kaše, prof. dr. Jon Briscoe:
“Minding the Gap(s): Development and Validation of a Cross- Culturally Representative Measure of Subjective Career Success”
12.10.2016 prof. Stefano Bolatto, PhD:
"The Organization of Global Supply Chains"
11.10.2016 prof. dr. Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar:
"Enchasing pro-environmental behaviour in tourism: An intervention study"
6.10.2016 prof. Yuval Kalish:
"Who emerges as leader? Personality, political skill, abilities and leadership emergence"
3.10.2016 prof. Evan J. Douglas:
The Impact of Sex, Gender and Androgyny on Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Growth Intentions
28.9.2016 Mojca Lindič, univ. dipl. ekon.:
»Untangling the relationship between skill structure, imports, and exports«
15.9.2016 doc. dr. Katarina Katja Mihelič:
“Interactive Effects of Perceived Time Pressure, Work-Family Balance Satisfaction, and Leader-Member Exchange on Creativity”
8.9.2016 Luka Tomat:
"Research Areas in Big Data Analytics Studies"
30.8.2016 Kevin Desouza:
"Challenges in Inter-Disciplinary Research: Strategies from Crafting Research Ideas to Publishing"
20.7.2016 Marco Greggi, Xiang Denga:
“Ljubljana Summer School Research seminar”
13.7.2016 Dr. Madhu Sharma, Prof. Gaurav Gupta:
“Ljubljana Summer School Research seminar”
6.7.2016 Vitaliy Rysin, Yelizaveta Rybina, Anna Pasieka:
“Ljubljana Summer School Research seminar”
16.6.2016 Katarzyna Minor:
"Hospitality as a holistic experience for employees"
31.5.2016 William Lazonick:
"The Mismeasure of Mammon: The Use and Abuse of Executive Pay Data"
26.5.2016 prof. Raúl López Castro:
"Adopting breakthrough technologies: timing and coordination problems"
25.5.2016 Roberto Di Pietra:
25.5.2016 Jože Sambt (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana):
"Is low fertility really a problem? Population aging, dependency, and consumption"
19.5.2016 Ljubica Knezevic Cvelbar (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana):
"Reducing the environmental burden of hotels"
18.5.2016 Souvik Datta (ETH Zürich, Switzerland):
"Demand-Side Management by Electric Utilities in Switzerland: Analyzing its Impact on Residential Electricity Demand"
12.5.2016 Juani Swart, University of Bath:
"Who does what in enabling ambidexterity? Individual actions and HRM practices"
11.5.2016 Joanna Tyrowicz, University of Warsaw:
"Pushed into necessity? Gender gaps in the labor market and entrepreneurship of women"
5.5.2016 Aljoša Valentinčič (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana):
"Development cost capitalization in private firms – an earnings management tool or reporting true financial performance?"
21.4.2016 Karin Sanders (School of Management, UNSW Business School, Sydney, Australia):
“Employees’ perception and understanding of HRM: The influence of national culture”
20.4.2016 Nadia Massoud (Melbourne Business School):
"Does It Help Firms to Secretly Pay for Stock Promoters?"
18.4.2016 Jorge Carneiro (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro):
"What is the contribution of research on emerging markets?"
13.4.2016 Aljoša Valentinčič:
"Accounting Quality in Private Firms during the Transition towards International Standards"
6.4.2016 Betty Wu :
"Media Deterrence and Illegal Insider Trading Prior to Merger Announcements"
31.3.2016 Sara Dolničar:
30.3.2016 Claude Obadia :
"SMEs Export Success with International Relationships management"
24.3.2016 dr. Dominik Schober :
"Tax Incidence and Competition – The Case of Gasoline Retail Taxation"
10.3.2016 Peter Trkman:
"Business model(s) in companies and supply chains"
9.3.2016 Ignacio García de Olalla:
"The Effect of Trust on Taxation Arbitrage"
17.2.2016 Rok Spruk:
"Electoral Laws, Political Institutions, and Long-Run Development: Evidence from Latin America, 1800-2012"
10.2.2016 dr. Eddie Gerba:
"Monetary Transmission Under Competing Corporate Finance Regimes"
4.2.2016 Matthias Bode:
"Self-knowledge through numbers: How consumers engage in self-optimization by digitally tracking their lives"
3.2.2016 Rok Spruk, Aleksandar Kešeljević:
"Institutional Origins of Subjective Well-Being: Estimating the Effects of Economic Freedom on National Happiness"
25.1.2016 James W. Berry :
"Time to focus on innovation: Cross-level interaction of temporal depth and innovation climate on organizational creativity"
21.1.2016 prof. Alan Witt:
"A Tale of Three Studies: Driving Customer Service, Dead Career Walking, and Effects of a Hostile Work Environment"
4.11.2015 dr. Michele Pellizzari:
"A New Measure of Skills Mismatch: Theory and Evidence from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)"
28.10.2015 dr. Božo Jašovič:
"Use of Market Information in the Analysis of Financial Stability of Banks"
21.10.2015 dr. Otto Randl:
"Risk and Return of Short-Duration Equity Investments"
21.10.2015 dr. Antonio Davila:
"Driving results through innovation—Sensing the world for opportunities"
8.10.2015 dr. Nada Zupan:
"Applying the AMO model to explore the link between HRM and innovation in transitional firms"
23.9.2015 dr. Scott McCabe:
"Exploring what we mean by ‘value’ in a tourism marketing context"
16.9.2015 prof. Jernej Čopič:
"Public good provision with budget balance"
9.9.2015 dr. Anže Burger:
"Universal Periodic Review: In a manner of speaking, a global practice?"
22.7.2015 Inbong Ha, Tomas Balco, Peter Spier:
"- Regional Climate Change Adaptation Index", "Patent Box and Tax Base Erosion in the EU", "Working with companies for teaching: sharing best practice and experiences"
15.7.2015 Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Katarzyna Sadowy, Alison Pearce:
"One Cent Stickers Save Environment and Reduce Operating Costs", "Socio-economic challenges and urban planning in modern cities", "Engaging today's students in going abroad"
2.7.2015 dr. Miroslav Verbič:
"An Analysis of Adopting Dual Pricing for Museums: The Case of the National Museum of Iran"
1.7.2015 dr. Matej Švigelj:
"What drives Internet users to subscribe to new generation access networks and higher Internet speeds?"
24.6.2015 dr. Matjaž Prusnik:
"The subsidies and state aid in the VAT system"
18.6.2015 dr. Thomas William Lee :
"The Effects of Proximal Withdrawal States on Job Attitudes, Job Search, Intent to Leave and Voluntary Employee Turnover"
17.6.2015 Nicola Matteucci:
"State Aid and Public Investment in Broadband Infrastructure: Assessing the Italian Experience"
11.6.2015 dr. Mauro Castelli:
"Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities"
10.6.2015 prof. dr. Ray Hackney:
"Greening ICT: a mechanism-based approach to institutional change"
8.6.2015 prof. Jukka Heikkilä:
"Business models in digitalizing economy"
3.6.2015 doc. dr. Nina Ponikvar:
"The Effect of Financial Constraints on Firm Exit: Discriminating among Alternative Exit Modes"
28.5.2015 prof. dr. Ingo Weller:
"Too Many Gold Medals for One Race: The Price of Unfair Prizes in R&D"
28.5.2015 prof. dr. Anthony Nyberg:
"CEO Succession: What we know, what we don't know and an early attempt to begin filling-in the gaps"
20.5.2015 prof. dr. dr. Vera Hofer:
"Challenges of distributional changes and an applications in credit scoring"
19.5.2015 dr. Albert Assaf:
"Advertising Spending, Service Performance Gap, and Firm Value"
14.5.2015 Philip Eskenazi:
"Accountability inhibits creative insight: EEG and eye-tracking evidence"
11.5.2015 prof. Brian M. Lucey:
"The global preference for dividends in declining markets"
23.4.2015 asist. Mina Godec:
"Does accountability enhance cognitive control? Experimental evidence"
22.4.2015 prof. dr. Nadia Massoud:
"Do Rating Agencies Act as Third-Party Monitors? Evidence from Moody’s Credit Watches"
15.4.2015 dr. Tommaso Agasisti:
"The public sector fiscal efficiency in Italy: the case of Lombardy municipalities in the provision of the essential public services"
9.4.2015 Sara Dolničar:
"Guilt reduces electricity use by hotel guests"
26.3.2015 Darja Grošelj:
"Rethinking the role of material access in digital inequalities"
12.3.2015 dr. Ibrahim Abosag:
"Saturated Nation: Online brand communities’ addiction and its effect on consumer-brand relationships"
11.3.2015 prof. Robbert Maseland:
"The rise of deep determinants"
4.3.2015 Srečko Zimic:
"Spillovers during Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis: a Network Analysis with Absolute Magnitude Restrictions"
5.2.2015 asist. dr. Gregor Pfajfar:
"Fashion and face consciousness - evidence from a cross-cultural study"
29.1.2015 izr. prof. dr. Sergeja Slapničar:
"The role of cognitive frames on the selection of demanding tasks"
28.1.2015 asist. dr. Judita Peterlin:
"Improving leadership development by integrating sustainability into company’s mission"
21.1.2015 Ana Grdović Gnip:
"Stress testing the EU fiscal framework"
8.1.2015 asist. dr. Patricia Kotnik:
"The role of Internet in internationalization of firms: Evidence from firm-level multi-country dataset"
18.12.2014 asist. dr. Jure Erjavec:
"The trade-off between road and railroad freight transport – cost benefit analysis for Slovenia"
17.12.2014 Vasja Sivec:
"Sector price responses in the rational inattention model in time"
17.12.2014 asist. dr. Matjaž Črnigoj:
"The Responsiveness of Corporate Investments to Changes in Corporate Taxation during the Financial Crisis: Empirical Evidence from Slovenian Firms"
16.12.2014 dr. Guido Bortoluzzi:
"Resources Dis-empowered: How Institutional Voids impact SME Entry and Performance in Emerging Markets"
11.12.2014 dr. Maria M. Smirnova:
"Is Customer Orientation Equally Important in Developed vs. Emerging Markets? A Multidimensional Approach"
10.12.2014 doc. dr. Vasja Rant:
"Which drivers played a role in the multiannual"
3.12.2014 izr. prof. dr. Igor Masten:
"Discretionary Credit Rating and Bank Stability During a Financial Crisis"
1.12.2014 Silva Deželan:
"Responsible investing: theory, empirical evidence and practice"
26.11.2014 dr. Charles Larkin:
"The IMF, the bailout, conditionality and Ireland"
19.11.2014 Jernej Čopič:
"Disagreement, Information, and Welfare"
6.11.2014 prof. dr. Marc J. Epstein:
"Research Based Approaches to Critical Managerial Challenges: Work in Corporate Social Impacts and in Corporate Innovation"
29.10.2014 Fernando Zarzosa Valdivia:
“Determinants of the primary and manufacturing shares in GDP and the Real Exchange Rate in Argentina”
27.10.2014 prof. dr. Charles C. Snow :
"A Smart City Is A Collaborative Community: Lessons From Smart Aarhus"
16.10.2014 Zufar Ashurov:
“Development of Corporate Governance in Transition Country: A Case of Uzbekistan“
15.10.2014 prof. Richard R. Perdue:
8.10.2014 Jože Sambt:
"Economic support ratios and the demographic dividend in Europe"
1.10.2014 major Mathew Golsteyn in prof. dr. Steven E. Phelan:
"Nation-building, behavioral economics and Institutional Change: Lessons from U.S. Special Forces"
18.9.2014 prof. Francesco Pastore:
"The determinants of youth unemployment. A panel data analysis"
17.9.2014 doc. dr. Mitja Kovač in asist. Rok Spruk, M.Sc.:
"Institutional development, non-market transaction costs and economic growth: evidence from a cross-country investigation"
5.9.2014 prof. Robert W. Faff:
"Pitching Research"
24.6.2014 prof. DAVID SIMMONS PhD:
"Sustainable tourism, market failures and the challenge of neo-liberal market economies"
19.6.2014 asist. dr. Alenka Slavec:
“Scale development: Application of a ten-step procedure to develop a measure for entrepreneurial openness“
12.6.2014 dr. Kevin C. Desouza (Associate Dean for Research at the College of Public Programs (COPP); School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University, USA):
“Challenges in Inter-Disciplinary Research: Strategies from Crafting Research Ideas to Publishing”
11.6.2014 John Hobbs, Eoin Byrne in Michael Walsh (Cork Institute of Technology, European Tech Cluster, Cork, Ireland):
“ Clustering: Evolving Branding Changes or Substantial Theoretical Differences?”
5.6.2014 doc. dr. Alenka Vrbinc:
“Differences in the Inclusion and Treatment of Terminology in OALD3, OALD4 and OALD8“
28.5.2014 prof. dr. Irena Ograjenšek:
“Community Satisfaction in Post-socialist Cities: Factors and Implications”
27.5.2014 prof. Christopher Winship:
“Ecometrics in the Age of Big Data: Measuring and Assessing "Broken Windows" Using Administrative Records”
21.5.2014 prof. Brian Lucey:
“Optimizing a research strategy”
6.5.2014 Julie Dziekan:
“Should I stay or should I go? Mobility of young, educated Eastern Europeans”
24.4.2014 mag. Aleksander Igličar:
“Determinants of Audit Fees in Slovenia”
23.4.2014 dr. Erik Štrumbelj:
"Utilizing betting markets for rating sports teams within and across competitions"
22.4.2014 asist. dr. Lidija Breznik:
17.4.2014 doc. dr. Alenka Vrbinc:
“Differences in the Inclusion and Treatment of Terminology in OALD3, OALD4 and OALD8 “
16.4.2014 Sara Dolničar:
“Market segmentation – useful insight or just a random grouping of consumers?”
3.4.2014 Constantine S. Katsikeas Ph. D.:
“Export Venture Strategic Goals, Competitive Advantages, and Performance Outcomes: The Relevance of Architectural Capabilities and Degree of Internationalization."
26.3.2014 dr. Andreja Jaklič in dr. Anže Burger:
“Internationalizing strategies: Export diversity or focus?”
25.3.2014 Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling:
"Challenges for Processing Events in Logistics Processes"
20.3.2014 Prabirendra Chatterjee:
“Optimal Bidding Strategies In Sponsored Search Advertising Auctions”
19.3.2014 Nadia Massoud:
“How Does Bank Trading Activity Affect Performance? An Investigation Before and After the Crisis”
19.12.2013 doc.dr. Peljhan Darja:
“Integrated performance management systems: Jack of all trades and master of none?”
18.12.2013 doc.dr. Korenjak Černe Simona:
“Clustering data described with discrete distributions: presentation of a clustering method with a case study on population pyramids”
12.12.2013 Pavel Bednář :
“Creative Industries and Creative Index: Towards Measuring the "Creative" Regional Performance”
11.12.2013 Silva Bratož:
6.12.2013 prof. Charles Snow:
“Designing Organizations for Large-Scale, Multi-Party Collaboration”
4.12.2013 Uroš Herman:
“Debt Financing and Firm Performance before and during the Crisis: Micro-Financial Evidence from Slovenia”
20.11.2013 Egon Zakrajšek, Federal Reserve Board:
“Inflation Dynamics During the Financial Crisis”
19.11.2013 Professor John Cadogan:
“A Critical Analysis of Multidimensional Variables: Implications for Theory Development and Testing”
13.11.2013 Leslie de Chernatony:
“Researching brand opportunities from a typology of Facebook fans”
6.11.2013 doc. dr. Miroslav Verbič:
24.10.2013 Daniël Linders, University of Leuven, :
“Robust measurement of implied correlations”
16.10.2013 doc. dr. Theresa Schmiedel :
“Cultural Fitness for BPM”
9.10.2013 Farčnik Daša:
25.9.2013 Arnis Sauke:
11.9.2013 prof. Chris Veld:
Perceived Expected Return (PER) and Perceived Risk (PR): Behavioral Biases
24.7.2013 Prof. dr. Inbong HA (Kyungpook National University):
"Understanding Korea's economy and its economic success"
24.7.2013 Prof. dr. Hongjun Zhao (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics):
"What is the future of Chinese economic development? Chinese economy in 10 or 20 years"
24.7.2013 Izr. prof. dr. Berna Kirkulak-Uludap (Dokuz Eylul University):
"A Western perspective on two Asian superpowers: Japan and China - the importance of understanding culture"
10.7.2013 doc. dr. Jelena Zorić:
˝Impact of energy policy instruments on the estimated level of underlying energy efficiency in the EU residential sector˝
4.7.2013 prof. dr. Catherine Connelly, DeGroote School of Business:
“Knowledge Hiding in Organizations: Special Case of Independent Contractors”
3.7.2013 Matija Lozej, Banka Slovenije :
˝The effects of Government Spending in a Small Open Economy within a Monetary Union˝
20.6.2013 prof. dr. Chris GUILDING iz Griffith University, Avstralija:
“Staff Turnover Costs: In Search of Accountability”
19.6.2013 asist. mag. Blaž Zupan, Ekonomska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani:
“Action Based Learning for Millenials: Using Design Thinking to Improve Entrepreneurship Education”
13.6.2013 prof. dr. Miro Gradišar:
“Evaluating probability of default: intelligent agents in managing a multi-model system”
6.6.2013 prof. dr. Melisse S. Cardon, Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York:
“Displayed Passion and Angel Investing: Interactions Among Enthusiasm, Preparedness and Commitment”
30.5.2013 prof. Sara Dolničar (The University of Queensland's School of Tourism, Avstralija):
»Asking Good Survey Questions«
29.5.2013 prof. dr. Christopher Winship, Harvard University :
“The Causal Implications of Mechanistic Thinking: Identification Using Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs)”
28.5.2013 red. prof. dr. Aviv Shoham, University of Haifa, Israel:
“Publishing research - journal selection and paper write-up”
23.5.2013 Ivan Zupic:
“Bibliometric Methods in Management and Organization: A Review”
17.5.2013 prof. dr. Efthymios G. Tsionas (Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece):
Revisiting herding behaviour: likelihood evidence
16.5.2013 prof. dr. Frank Hartmann, Professor of Accounting and Management Control, RSM Erasmus University :
»Accountant Transgressions and Empathy: A Mirror Neuron Investigation«
9.5.2013 doc. dr. Peter Trkman:
˝Business process management – theoretical foundations and analysis of impact in organizations”
25.4.2013 prof. dr.Berna Kirkulak-Uludag:
Japanese Management View Versus Chinese Management View
24.4.2013 Jernej Koren:
Does financial statement audit reduce the cost of debt of private firms?
4.4.2013 prof. dr. Marko Košak:
The Quality of Bank Capital and Bank Lending Behavior in the Global Financial Crisis"
3.4.2013 prof. dr. Raymond A Hackney, Brunel University, Business School, London, Velika Britanija:
“Greening the Organisational Field of Government ICT: a problem-driven, mechanism-based approach"
28.3.2013 doc. dr. Mateja Kos Koklič:
“The study of perceived adverse effects of digital piracy and involvement: insights from adult computer users”
27.3.2013 dr. Alexander Tarasov, University of Munich :
“Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms"
20.3.2013 prof. dr. Igor Masten:
“Structural FECM: Cointegration in large-scale structural FAVAR models˝
31.1.2013 prof. dr. Anja Geigenmϋller, Faculty of Business Administration, Technische Universität Ilmenau:
“Interaction quality in interorganizational technology transfer – conceptual framework, empirical findings, and future research”
24.1.2013 dr. Barbara Mörec :
“Trade vs. Bank Credit Substitution– The SMEs financing dynamic in an Economic Crisis"
16.1.2013 prof. dr. Mitja Čok in prof. dr. Tomaž Turk, Ekonomska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani:
“ Deductive Data Imputation - An Exact Analytical Grossing-Up Algorithm for Tax-Benefit Models
20.12.2012 doc. dr. Domen Bajde, Ekonomska fakulteta v Ljubljani:
“Marketized philanthropy: Kiva’sutopian ideology of entrepreneurial philanthropy"
19.12.2012 prof. dr. Carole Bernard, University of Waterloo, Kanada :
“All investors are risk averse expected utility maximizers"
13.12.2012 prof. dr. Sergeja Slapničar:
“Can oversight mitigate auditor’s motivated reasoning? An experimental study"
5.12.2012 Pablo Guillen Alvarez (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, School of EconomicsThe University of Sydney):
˝The cognitive limits of matching mechanisms˝
28.11.2012 Nadia Massoud, Ph.D. (Schulich School of Business at York University):
˝Why and How Do Banks Lay off Credit Risk? The Choice between Loan Sales and Credit Default Swaps˝
22.11.2012 Ivan Župič :
“Social Media as Enabler of Crowdsourcing Business Model”
21.11.2012 prof. dr. Leslie de Chernatony, (Universita della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland and Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK):
˝Does B2B Service Brand Identity influence performance?˝
21.11.2012 prof. dr. Lubomír Lízal, (Center for Economic Research & Graduate Education - Economics Institute):
“Firm-Level Labour Demand: Adjustment in Good Times and During the Crisis”
25.10.2012 Ali Žerdin (urednik Sobotne priloge časnika Delo) :
Vpliv zamenjave politične elite na omrežje ekonomske elite
24.10.2012 prof. dr. Hongjun Zhao, (School of International Economics and Trade Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade):
˝Climate Change, and Social Instability: Some Empirical Evidences from Chinese Economic History˝
17.10.2012 Oded Stark, Full Professor (Distinguished Fellow, University of Bonn):
˝ International migration, human capital formation, and saving˝
15.10.2012 prof. dr. Jonathan Klick, University of Pennsylvania, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Yale University:
˝Grocery Bag Bans and Foodborne Illness˝
4.10.2012 dr. Tomaž Hovelja:
An approach for managing resistance to IT change in enterprises
27.9.2012 doc.dr. Aleš Popovič :
“Towards business intelligence systems success: Effects of maturity and culture on analytical decision making”
19.9.2012 dr. Patrick Verwijmeren, VU, Amsterdam :
˝Dividend-protected convertible bonds and the disappearance of call delay˝
5.9.2012 doc. dr. Alexandre Jeanneret, HEC Montréal, Kanada :
˝Sovereign Credit Risk and Government Effectiveness˝
4.7.2012 prof. dr. Jan Mendling (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria):
“Automatic Derivation of Service Candidates from Business Process Model Repositories”
14.6.2012 Philipp Marek, Halle Institue for Economic Research (IWH) Department Structural Economics in Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana:
˝Spillovers from services FDI to manufacturing firms in new EU member states˝
13.6.2012 doc. dr. Albert Assaf (Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts):
“Internationalization and Performance of Retail Firms: A Bayesian Dynamic Model”
12.6.2012 izr. prof. dr. Matej Lahovnik:
“Business strategy and performance of horizontal acquisitions˝
7.6.2012 Prof. dr. A.R. Elangovan (Director, International Programs, Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria ):
“Doing What you Love, Loving What You Do: Jobs, Careers and Callings”
7.6.2012 prof. dr. Jonathan Batten (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business).:
˝A Perspective on Research in
6.6.2012 dr. Peter G. Szilagyi (Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge):
˝The Board of Directors in Hedge Fund Governance˝
30.5.2012 Gregor Cigüt:
˝Modeling hourly prices of electricity for pricing out of the money options˝
28.5.2012 prof. dr. Ivan Ribnikar z izbranimi gosti:
"Bančni management: kako po krizi do bank in financ za ljudi, podjetja in državo"
24.5.2012 Dr. Yasemin ZENGIN KARAIBRAHIMOĞLU, Izmir University of Economics (Turkey):
“Activity Based Costing Approach in the measurement of Cost of Quality in SMEs: Case Study”
23.5.2012 Alessandro Sbuelz, Catholic University, Milano :
˝Analytical cyclical price-dividend ratios ˝
23.5.2012 izr. prof. dr. Habil. Zsuzsa Karoliny, University of Pécs (Hungary):
“Research networks (Cranet, CEEIRT) in IHRM - from an CEE (Central Eastern European) member perspective”
16.5.2012 prof. dr. Sachiko Yamao, International Business at Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne, Australia:
˝Employees' foreign language ability and commitment to organizational change: Implications based on employee perceptions˝
9.5.2012 Luca Marcolin, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, CES & VIVES:
"Rent Sharing, Wage Determination and Participation to International Trade˝
19.4.2012 prof.dr. Jan Dhaene, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven:
˝The Herd Behaviour Index: A new measure for the implied degree of co-movement in stock markets˝
18.4.2012 prof. dr. Joern Kleinert, University of Graz :
"All You Need Is Trade: On the In(ter)dependence of Trade and Asset Holdings in Gravity Equations˝
11.4.2012 Vesna Stavrevska, University of Antwerp, Belgium :
"Estimation of the Efficiency Wage Effect Using a Model of Efficiency Wages, Unemployment Benefits and Union-firm Wage Bargaining"
5.4.2012 doc. dr. Aljoša Feldin :
"Minimum Wage And Informal Economy"
22.3.2012 viš. pred. dr. Aljaž Stare:
˝The impact of a project organisational culture and team rewarding on project performance˝
21.3.2012 Tjaša Bartolj :
"Evolution of Private Returns to Tertiary Education during Transition: Evidence from Slovenia "
15.3.2012 doc. dr. Robert Kaše:
˝ Exploring the landscape of HRM-firm performance debate domains: A co-citation analysis ˝
8.3.2012 doc. dr. Tomaž Kolar:
˝A consumer-based model of authenticity: An oxymoron or the foundation of cultural heritage marketing? ˝
7.3.2012 prof. dr. Andreas Eggert:
"Revenue and Profit Implications of Industrial Service Strategies"
2.3.2012 prof. Michal Matějka:
˝Earnings Targets and Annual Bonus Incentives˝
29.2.2012 dr. Mitja Pirc :
"Product display orientation- horizontal or vertical?
29.2.2012 prof. Leslie de Chernatony :
˝How brands help growing out of a recession˝
23.2.2012 doc. dr. Miha Škerlavaj in Matej Černe :
˝Don`t come around here no more: Knowledge hiding, perceived motivational climate, and creativity˝
22.2.2012 prof. dr. Nives Dolšak :
"Ratifikacija mednarodni okoljevarstvenih dogovorov:
16.2.2012 dr. Mateja Bodlaj:
˝Do managers at two hierarchical levels differ in how they assess their company`s market orientation? ˝
15.2.2012 prof. dr. Jože Damijan:
"Import Churning and Export Performance of Multi-product Firms"
10.2.2012 prof.dr. Boris Podobnik:
"Asymmetric Lévy flight in financial ratios"
9.2.2012 prof. dr. Vesna Žabkar:
˝Modelling Perceived Quality Visitor Satisfactions and Behavioural Intentions at the Destination Level: The Use of Formative vs. Reflective Indicators˝
2.2.2012 doc.dr. Marko Jakšič:
˝Inventory Management with Stochastic Supply Capacity˝
26.1.2012 doc. dr. Simon Čadež :
˝Dual output in carbon intensive firms: implications for carbon strategy˝
19.1.2012 prof.dr. Mateja Drnovšek:
˝Conceptualizing Academic Entrepreneurial Intentions: An Empirical Test˝
12.1.2012 dr. Osman Gulseven:
"Indemnity Payments in Agricultural Insurance: Risk Exposure of EU States"
11.1.2012 Matija Lozej :
"Inefficiencies and Pigou Cycles"
4.1.2012 prof. dr. Carole Bernard :
"Optimal Portfolios under Worst Case Scenarios"
21.12.2011 Matjaž Volk, dipl. ekon. :
"Firms' PDs with Applications to Credit Rating Classification and Credit Standards for New Borrowers"
8.12.2011 dr. Mitja Pirc:
"It matters how you pay: payment mechanism moderates the effect of price format on consumer behaviour and judgment"
1.12.2011 izr. prof.dr. Maja Konečnik Ruzzier:
˝Developing and Applying a Place Brand Identity Model: The Case of Slovenia˝
30.11.2011 izr.prof.dr. Andreja Cirman:
"Decisions to renovate: Identifying key determinants in transition countries"
24.11.2011 izr. prof. dr. Mateja Drnovšek:
˝The Nature and Experience of Entrepreneurial Passion˝
23.11.2011 doc.dr. Mitja Kovač:
"Unforeseen Contingencies in English and French Law – A Comparative Contract Law and Economics Perspective"
22.11.2011 Prof. Oded Stark:
“Integration, social distress and policy formation”
16.11.2011 Doc. dr. Adriana B. Rejc in doc.dr. Maja Z. Groff:
“Contemporary performance measurement systems in Central and Eastern Europe: A synthesis of the empirical literature”
9.11.2011 Dr. Milford Bateman:
“A Sub-Prime Lending Disaster Comes to the Western Balkans: The Strange Case of Microfinance”
3.11.2011 izr.prof.dr. Aleš Groznik:
˝Multi utility management- Myth or reality? Transformations within the European Union˝
2.11.2011 Prof.dr. Igor Masten:
Forecasting with Factor-augmented Error Correction Models”
27.10.2011 doc.dr. Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar:
˝An importance-performance analysis of economics, environmental and social performance of tourism firms˝
26.10.2011 mag. Matevž Raškovič:
“Application of weighted blockmodeling in the analysis of small EU states` export patterns”
20.10.2011 Prof.dr. Marko Pahor:
“Family-friendly workplace: the analysis of organisational effects”
19.10.2011 Dr. Egon Zakrajšek:
“Uncertainty, Financial Frictions, and Investment Dynamics”
18.10.2011 Dr. Egon Zakrajšek:
“Interest Rate Risk and Bank Equity Valuations”
13.10.2011 Mag. Kir Kuščer:
“Determining Factors of Mountain Destination Innovativeness”
12.10.2011 Prof. dr. Aljoša Valentinčič:
“Write-Offs and Profitability in Private Firms – Disentangling the Impact of Tax-Minimization Incentives”
5.10.2011 Dr. Tom Hsiang in Girish Gujar:
“Future of Quality - A Proposal for Research”
4.10.2011 Prof. Piyush Sharma:
“Deliberate Self-Indulgence versus Involuntary Loss of Self-Control: Toward a Robust Cross-Cultural Consumer Impulsiveness Scale”
4.10.2011 Prof. Wayne W. Yu:
“An analysis of the use of derivatives by the Canadian mutual fund industry”
21.9.2011 Dr. Jodie Moll:
“Designing mediating instruments: capital budgeting and the coordination of research and development”
7.7.2011 Alexander Josiassen, PhD:
˝Consumer Disidentification and Its Effects on Domestic Product Purchases: An Empirical Test in the Netherlands˝
5.7.2011 Prof. dr. Ali Dastmalchian:
“Organizational Change and Occupational Groups: A Longitudinal Study”
30.5.2011 Prof. dr. Ingmar Björkman:
˝People Management in MNCs: Beyond the Integration-Responsiveness Framework”
13.5.2011 Prof. dr. Gyewan Moon:
˝Effective implementation of communities of practices (CoPs) in a knowledge habitat: a case illustration˝
14.4.2011 Prof. dr. Carole Bernard:
˝Financial Bounds for Insurance Prices”
13.4.2011 Prof. dr. Giovanni Dosi:
˝The political economy of capability accumulation: The future of industrial policies for development in the new millennium”
8.4.2011 Prof. dr. Tony Fang:
˝Yin Yang – A new perspective on culture”
4.4.2011 Prof. dr. Anders Dysvik:
˝User-friendly human resource management”
28.3.2011 Prof. dr. Jan Mendling:
˝Business Process Modeling with BPMN – Concepts and Research Insights˝
13.1.2011 Prof. dr. Margot Weijnen:
˝Next Generation Infrastructures- research and regulatory challenges in an evolutionary perspective ˝
19.11.2010 Prof. dr. Martin Kilduff:
˝Serendipity vs. strategy: A tale of two theories˝
18.11.2010 Prof. dr. Martin Kilduff:
˝Publishing in top journals: A guide for the perplexed˝
27.10.2010 dr. Goran Vlasic:
22.9.2010 Prof. dr. sc. Boris Podobnik:
˝Bankruptcy Risk Model and Empirical Tests˝
25.8.2010 Prof. Clive Emmanuel:
16.6.2010 Prof. dr. Frank Hartmann:
“Vpliv načina nagrajevanja na odločitve managerjev”
26.5.2010 Stephen James Bailey:
20.5.2010 Prof. Dr William Lazonick:
“The Explosion of Executive Pay and the Erosion of American Prosperity”
19.4.2010 Prof. Frederick Dimanche:
“Ski tourism and innovations”
14.4.2010 Andrea Ariu :
“Trade in Services: IT and Task Content”
13.4.2010 Prof. Victor Maas:
“Roles of Control Systems and Controllers: An Exploratory Study”
1.4.2010 Katharina Zeugner-Roth:
Country-of-Origin: Old hat or an interesting area for future research?
15.2.2010 Prof Dr Kevin C Desouza:
“Building Sustainable Collaborative and Open Innovation Programs”
27.1.2010 Dr. R. K Mishra:
“Economic Reforms in India”
10.12.2009 Peter Katuščák :
˝The Impact of Predictable Tax Liability Variation on Household Labor income”
9.12.2009 Dejan Krušec :
“Ocena bančnih tveganj in njihov vpliv na bilance bank v evro območju v gospodarski krizi: pristop Evropske centralne banke”
5.10.2009 prof. dr. Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe:
“To mix and to match independently: Protecting consumers against mis-selling”
29.9.2009 Egon Zakrajšek:
“Credit Risk and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model”
24.9.2009 Dr. Burçak Müge Tunaer:
“ Gibrat’s Law: Does it Work in Banking Sector?”
22.9.2009 Martin Wagner:
A Nonlinear Cointegration Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve
30.6.2009 prof. Ann-Cristine Frandsen & Keith Hoskin:
"The Knowledge Bus II: Towards Strategizing Professionals"
10.6.2009 dr. Zeynep Önder in dr. Süheyla Özyıldırım :
Government-Owned Bank Credits and Regional Growth:
1.6.2009 Prof. VIJAY MAHAJAN:
Global challenges and new marketing scenarios: the 86 % solution
1.6.2009 Dr. Dana Minbaeva :
“Governance mechanisms for the promotion of social capital for knowledge transfer in the multinational corporation”
26.5.2009 Prof. dr. Frank Hartmann:
19.5.2009 Larry Dwyer :
“Destination and Enterprise Management for a Tourism Future”
13.5.2009 Prof Dr Kevin C Desouza:
Designing the Innovation Process: Building, Managing, Communicating and Measuring”
12.5.2009 Prof. Stephen Bailey:
“Impact of the ‘credit crunch’ on the UK public sector”
11.5.2009 Prof. Dr. Kevin C. Desouza:
“Challenges in Inter-Disciplinary Research: Strategies from Crafting Research Ideas to Publishing”
3.4.2009 Martin Wagner:
“ Growth Regressions Reconsidered”
5.3.2009 Lubomir Lizal:
“Does Better Environmental Performance
10.2.2009 Jozef Konings:
The Cyclicality of R&D Investment: Evidence from Slovenia
16.12.2008 Pablo Guillen:
Inducing Efficient Conditional Cooperation Patterns in Public Goods Games, an Experimental Investigation
22.9.2008 Marcel van Rinsum:
Vpliv osebnih preferenc po pravičnosti na ocenjevanje uspešnosti managerjev
26.6.2008 Tit Erker:
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2008
16.6.2008 Evzen Kocenda:
Macroeconomic Sources of Foreign Exchange Risk in New EU Members
11.6.2008 Süheyla Özyildirim :
Banking Activities and Local Output Growth: Are Private Banks Different From Public Banks?
20.5.2008 Egon Zakrajšek:
Credit Market Shocks and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from Corporate Asset Markets
27.3.2008 Prof. dr. Susana Borrás:
Cluster Policies in Europe: Firms, Institutions and Governance
10.3.2008 Prof. dr. Ton G. de Kok:
Optimizing multi-item multi-echelon systems: concepts and models
10.12.2007 Francois Lecavalier (Direktor EBRD za Češko, Madžarsko, Slovaško in Slovenijo) in Helena Schweiger (Ekonomistka iz pisarne glavnega ekonomista EBRD):
Predstavitev letnega poročila Evropske banke za obnovo in razvoj - Transition report 2007: People in transition
12.11.2007 Jakub Fisher:
Measurement of GDP
6.11.2007 prof. dr. Andrej Kovačič;;prof. dr. Kevin McCormack:
"Partnerstvo med managementom in informatiko" in "Competitive Advantage through Business Process Maturity: Multi-year case studies of two firms"
29.10.2007 dr. Steven Vanduffel:
On the suboptimality of Pay-dependent Pay-offs in Levy markets
23.10.2007 Jaksa Cvitanić:
Dynamic portfolio choice with parameter uncertainty
17.10.2007 Fatima Guadamillas-Gomez:
Knowledge management strategy implementation oriented to innovation. The case of two Spanish firms
10.10.2007 Egon Zakrajšek:
Financial Crisis of 2007: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications
13.9.2007 Thomas Fent:
Staranje delovne sile in produktivnost dela: vloga ponudbe dela in povpraševanja po delu
10.9.2007 Arland Thornton:
Družina in demografsko obnašanje v Srednji in Vzhodni Evropi: spremenjeni učinki razvojnega idealizma, politične ekonomije in medgeneracijskih odnosov
5.6.2007 Prof. dr. Maciej Sterzynski:
Solvency II
4.5.2007 Prof. dr. Steven Haberman:
The Annuity Problem
10.4.2007 prof. dr. Lubomir Lizal:
Privatisation Revisited: The Effects of Foreign and Domestic Owners on Corporate Performance
1.2.2007 dr. Gernot Muller:
Openness and the international transmission of fiscal policy joint with Giancarlo Corsetti
29.11.2006 dr. Darja Peljhan, Ekonomska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani:
Vloga managerskih sistemov nadzora v uresničevanju strategij: Primer slovenskega podjetja
26.10.2006 prof. dr. Raymond Saner in prof. dr. Lichia Yiu:
Learning technologies for Institution Building and Government Learning
24.10.2006 Dr. Sašo Polanec, Dr. Aleš Ahčan in Prof. Goran Vukovič:
"Analiza donosnosti terciarnega izobraževanja v Sloveniji" in "Proces uveljavljanja strateške medresorske informatike - Projekt "Jobmarket"
17.10.2006 prof. dr. Frank Hartmann:
Kako formalen način ocenjevanja uspešnosti vpliva na zaupanje med podrejenimi in nadrejenimi managerji
11.10.2006 prof. dr. Yoav Vardi:
Toward a Better Understanding of Misbehavior in organizations
27.9.2006 prof. dr. Senia Rapisarda:
Alternative Assets Class:
8.6.2006 Veerle Slootmaekers, Damiaan Peryn, Žiga Žarnić:
Predstavitev raziskovalnega dela doktorskih študentov iz KU Leuven
12.4.2006 prof. dr. Tom Berglund:
Dispersed Ownership and Corporate Governance
7.3.2006 prof. dr. Jan Dhaene:
Optimal portfolio strategies under VAR framework
13.6.2005 prof. dr. Soren Johansen:
What Is the Price of Maximum Likelihood
13.6.2005 prof. dr. Katarina Juselius:
Reflections on European unemployment, economic growth, and inflation after the French No and the Dutch Nee
3.6.2005 prof. dr. Chenggang Xu (London School of Economics, CEPR):
Predstavitev analize procesa tranzicije: primerjava big-bang pristopa k tranziciji in pa eksperimentalnega pristopa, ki zaznamuje kitajsko tranzicijo
23.5.2005 dr. Hylke Vandenbusche (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, CEPR) in dr. Jože Pavlič Damijan (Ekonomska fakulteta, IER in LICOS):
Davčna reforma v Sloveniji. Corporate Taxation in Slovenia in a European Perspective. Analiza možnosti uvedbe enotne davčne stopnje v sloveniji.
12.5.2005 prof. dr. Lubomir Lizal:
Determinants of Financial Distress: What Drives Bankruptcy in a Transition Economy? The Czech Republic Case
5.5.2005 dr. Marc J. Goovaerts:
Decision Principles Derived from Risk Measures
14.4.2005 mag. Aleš Ahčan:
Analytical approximations for a multi period portfolio problem with transaction cost
23.3.2005 dr. Andrej Horvat, prof. dr. Mojmir Mrak:
Administrativna absorpcijska sposobnost Slovenije za črpanje sredstev iz skladov EU; Izhodišča za pripravo pogajalskih izhodišč Slovenije za finančno perspektivo 2007-2013
22.2.2005 prof. dr. Josef Konings:
Trade Liberalization, Intermediate Inputs and Productivity
27.1.2005 prof. dr. Milica Uvalić (University of Perugia):
"Serbia and Montenegro - How fast into the European Union?"
12.1.2005 Jože P. Damijan, Sašo Polanec in Igor Masten:
Priporočila ekonomski politiki Slovenije glede politike oblikovanja cen tekočih goriv pri vstopanju v ERM 2
17.11.2004 Sašo Polanec, Janez Šušteršič:
“Price Liberalization, Output Decline and Inequality in Transition”, “On the Evolution of Size and Productivity Distributions during Transition” in “Political Economy of Slovenian Transition”
8.6.2004 P.P. Walsh (TCD):
Employment Responses to Trade Liberalisation: Irelands Industrial Development 1972 - 2000
8.6.2004 Paul P. Walsh (Trinity College Dublin):
Employment Responses to Trade Liberalisation:
2.6.2004 Serguei Kaniovski (Austrian Institute of Economic Research):
»Product Differentiation and Industry Concentration in an Evolutionary Selection Model«
24.5.2004 Jana Kunicova (California Institute of Tehnology):
Volilna pravila in ustavne institucije kot omejitve korupciji
17.5.2004 dr. Marc J. Epstein (Rice University):
Specifying and Measuring the Drivers of Corporate Success: Research Resulty and Opportunities
13.5.2004 dr. Lubomír Lízal (CERGE-EI, Praga):
Effects of Ownership and Financial Status on Corporate Environmental Performance
20.4.2004 Milan Vodopivec (WB, FM):
Do Market Pressures Induce Economic Efficiency: The Case of Slovenian Manufacturing, 1994 - 2001
7.4.2004 Soren Bisgaard :
The Scientific and Economic Context of Industrial Quality Improvement
6.4.2004 Larry Sawers (American University):
Restructuring and Regional Desparities in Lithuania
16.3.2004 Jože P. Damijan (EF, IER, KUL):
FDI vs. Exports with Heterogenous Firm in Heterogenous Markets: Evidence from Slovenia
18.2.2004 Timotej Jagrič (EPF Maribor):
Kratkoročno napovedovanje poslovnih ciklov

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