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The SEB LU video vault of research projects

You are invited to watch short video clips about research projects and achievements of EF UL, which represent new knowledge in the field of economics, business science and business informatics.

Matej Černe, Phd: Humanizing Innovation – my ongoing research

Innovation and digital transformation represent important changes occurring at all societal and economic levels. And while basic and applied research promotes them as positive phenomena that should improve our lives, make us work less and improve our health, facts portray a darker reality. Individuals faced with an innovation imperative, in particular those in the context of digitized work report decreasing levels of life satisfaction and happiness, while working more, being under pressure at a job that is not secure, feeling stressed and burned out. My ongoing research builds upon my previous findings in the fields of creativity/innovation, job design, leadership and knowledge hiding. It adopts a multi-level lens in examining negative aspects of innovation and digitalization, and proposes a novel approach in job and organizational design that aims to humanize innovation at work.

Ljubica Knežević Cvelbar, Phd - Can we reduce the carbon footprint in tourism by changing the behavior of tourists

The impact of monetary and social incentives on cognitive performance

Determinants of energy-efficient home retrofits in Slovenia

Dual sourcing in the age of near-shoring

Perceived mastery climate, felt trust, and knowledge sharing

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