Research at the SEB LU is a direct responsibility of the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies. Research activities are monitored and evaluated by the Research and Doctoral Programme Committee which, together with the Senate and SEB LU management, determines the operative research policy in accordance with the SEB LU strategy. Research is conducted by SEB LU faculty members. In 2017, 157 faculty members were registered as researchers; most are also registered as researchers with the Slovenian Research Agency, apart from physical education teachers and external researchers. The Research Office co-ordinates research activities and supports faculty members doing research.

The SEB LU makes it a priority to promote research by young people. We are pleased that the Slovenian Research Agency funds postgraduate study and research training of young researchers employed at the faculty.

SEB LU’s researchers follow the pdf icon Code of Research Ethics, adopted by the University of Ljubljana in 2014 and the European Code of Conduct for the preservation of research integrity (European Scientific Foundation and ALLEA). Both documents were accepted in 2014 by the SEB LU’s Research and Doctoral Programme Committee as the starting point in ensuring a prevailing culture of research integrity. The Code is the foundation where further efforts in setting clear policies and procedures, training and mentoring of researchers as well as management methods that ensure awareness and application of high standards any early identification of wrongdoing.

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