Entrepreneurial leadership

Aims of the course

The key abilities and competencies that will be intentionally developed in this class are:
● Navigate ambiguity and leading others in ambigious situations
● Take risks and empower others to take risks
● Team formation, team dynamics and team leadership
● Motivation, proactiveness, intentionality
● Creativity and innovativeness
● Constructive feedback (giving and receiving)
● Time organization and management
● Self care for entrepreneurs and others

Course syllabus

In this course, we will study the following entrepreneurial leadership concepts and encourage students to do both self-reflection and apply them to their own lives as well as practice leadership as relational process:
Self reflection
● Reflective practitioner (Schon)
● Growth mindset (Carol Dweck)
● Element (Ken Robinson)
● Grit (Angela Lee Duckworth)
● Self efficacy (Bandura)
● Achievement habit (Bernie Roth)
Relational leadership
● Flow (Michaly Csikszentmihalyi)
● Originals (Adam Grant)
● Reciprocity styles (Adam Grant)
● High-quality connections (Jane Dutton)
● Motivation for creative work (Dan Pink)
● Providing feedback
● X-Framework (Baba Shiv)

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:30 in P-310
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