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Tuition for the academic year 2017/2018

Full-time study

Tuition for full-time study (for citizens of EU countries) is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education. Students pay an admission fee of 32.00 EUR for the first year of study and 24.00 EUR for each subsequent year of study.

School year Tuition fee Payment
2017/2018 €4,000.00* In full before enrolment

* Tuition fee for programmes: Master in International Business, Master in Banking and Financial Management, Master in Money and Finance, Master in Economics, Master in Business Informatics, Master in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences, Master in Tourism.

The tuition fee does not include the mandatory health insurance. This must be settled before the start of study.

The following students do not have to pay any tuition fees for full-time graduate courses, unless if in the process of recognition of education it is determined that student`s education equals the university level diploma (level VII of education - bologna master) and for that reason a student is (in accordance with the Slovenian law on funding the study) required to pay the tuition fee regardless of the type of study (full time or part time):

  • Citizens of European Union Member States and citizens of Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland;
  • Foreign citizens with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia if themselves or at least one of their parents or guardians is a taxpayer in Slovenia;
  • Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship;
  • Citizens of countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral or multilateral agreements on cooperation in the field of education or reciprocity (Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo);
  • Students of exchange programmes at higher education institutions who are enrolled in the Lifelong Learning programme;
  • Scholarship holders of the ministry competent for higher education or of an authorized provider of such scholarships (CMEPIUS);
  • Persons with international protection and applicants for international protection.
  • International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization (IMB)

    Tuition for the International Full Time Master Programme in Business and Organization (IMB).

    European Master of Tourism Management programme (EMTM)

    Tuition fee for the full-time European Master in Tourism Management Programme (EMTM):

    Part-time study

    Tuition Fees for Part-Time Graduate Courses – courses are implemented only in Slovene language!

    Students pay an admission fee of 32.00 EUR for the first year of study and 24.00 EUR for each subsequent year of study.

    The tuition fees for part time courses can be paid in several instalments. The University of Ljubljana reserves the right to change the tuition fees after the publication of this brochure in the event of amendments to the legislation on tuition fees for foreign citizens.

    School year Tuition fee
    2017/2018 €3,150.00 per year

    Students pay an admission fee of €32.00 for the first year of study and 24.00 for each subsequent year of study.

    Tuition is due at enrolment in each study year.

    Discounts for
    • Payment is made in full prior to admission:
    • Discount of 155 EUR when enrolling to 1st or 2nd year
    Instalments: Payment is made in three instalments as follows:
    • 50% prior to admission
    • 30% by the end of February 2018, and
    • 20% by the end of April 2018.

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