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Bakhodir Negmatov

Bakhodir Negmatov from Uzbekistan

Master in Tourism

At the SEB LU, I am learning to share my opinion, my vision and my dreams with other students who come from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. I am really proud of being a student at the Triple Crown school. I appreciate the wonderful mix of cultures and traditions among students. The teachers are as diverse as the students in their approach to learning. You will fall in love with the beautiful city of Ljubljana and its wonderful locations; this is also a great staring point to explore other European countries. If you want to enhance your academic background and experience life on a school campus, University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business is the best choice for you.

Kerim Poljak

Kerim Poljak from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Master in Money and Finance

I chose to do my MSc program at University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business because of its long and rich tradition, but also because last year it was listed as top three Faculties of Economics in Eastern Europe. I have decided to enrol to the MSc program Money and Finance which I would recommend to everyone who is driven by and wants to get into the core of economics, finances and analyses.

You will be offered many opportunities for advancing in your academic education, but also in every other aspect of life. You will be given the chance to meet many international students, attend lots of workshops and lectures held by well-known professionals from the business world as well as gain knowledge and skills that you will require in your future career.

On top of that you will have great chances to become an Exchange student at a lot of partner Universities from all around the world, as I am now. At the moment I’m on Study Exchange Program at University of Siena, in Italy. So don’t think twice, enrol in some of the great programs that the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business offers and enjoy in this once in a lifetime experience.

Askar Mukashev

Askar Mukashev from Kazakhstan

International full time master programme in Business Administration - IMB

My name is Askar from the Republic of Kazakhstan. I have recently graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (European Union). Probably because of that I was asked to share with you with my experience and to write my own story “Why you should study in EU”.

Perhaps, you will ask me why Slovenia? First of all, I was a grant holder of Erasmus Mundus scholarship within EuroAsianCEA program. I got an opportunity to study at the University of Ljubljana and to complete my MBA in this University. Secondly, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as locals say “Alp’s fairytale”. In my opinion Ljubljana is a unique place in Europe to study, to live and to travel.

During my study, the University was able to provide me with excellent conditions to conduct my research within MBA through perfect library infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, well-educated and professional academic staff not only from Europe but also from all over the world. In the same time, the University brings together different students from different part of the world and with diverse backgrounds and culture. This kind of approach takes you to the unique inter-national-cultural-ethnical environment, and trust me, it is indescribable feelings.

I was more than happy to be part of such friendly and unbelievable environment. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank my coordinators – Mojca Maher Pirc and Klavdija Besednjak for priceless assistance and unforgettable memories during my stay in Slovenia.

So, why you should study in EU?! If you want to be international… If you want to get Western knowledge… If you want to explore diversities … if you want to make friends from all over the world … This is your “golden ticket” to get all in one place – EUROPE!

Jinwei Si

Jinwei Si from China

Master programme in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences

My study experience at the School of Economics and Business was wonderful. I had classmates from all over the world, so the overall ambiance was dynamic and interesting. Regarding the course quality, that depends on the specific class of course. But in general speaking, most of the courses have a high standard, in terms of the quality of the content and the lecturing.

Comparison between study in Slovenia and China, I didn't go to any college in China, so I can't make too much comment on that. But in general speaking, I think the study is less stressful here, but again, of course that depends on individuals.

My biggest challenge would be keep myself self-motivated constantly, because oftentimes I don't get much stimulus from professor or classmates. I would say the biggest advantage of studying here is I don't get too much distraction from elsewhere, and the studying, life pace is well-balanced here.

Currently I am starting off a career at a local Slovenian company. Surely still a lot to learn.

Vladimir Blazhevski

Vladimir Blazhevski from Macedonia

Master programme in International Business

It was my great honour and pleasure to study and graduate at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business. The School of Economics and Business is without any doubt one of the leading business schools in Eastern Europe. Great facilities, quality professors and researches and contemporary teaching methods are some of the things I admired while studying there.

In comparison to the Macedonian system, here the professors are open and always eager to help. The conditions for studying are exceptional and the possibility of finding internship is always present.

I would strongly recommend the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business to any prospective student from Macedonia that has intentions to study abroad. The knowledge and the experience that you would obtain at this institution are very valuable. Personally, it helped me a lot in achieving my future goals.

Mishko Gjorsheski

Mishko Gjorsheski from Macedonia

Master programme in International business

My name is Mishko Gjorsheski, I am coming from Ohrid, Macedonia. After finishing high school in my home town I continued my studies at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, as a full time undergraduate student in the program Management. I am currently finishing my master studies in the CeQuInt certified program International business on the same institution. I particularly enjoyed my master studies in English, because of the diversification and international character of the class where I had classmates from many different countries like China, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Norway etc.

I really satisfied with my studies in SEB LU and I think that with its focus on quality and knowledge, continuous improvement is one of the best places to study. Numerous visiting professors from partner universities, Stanford program in entrepreneurship, lectures and conferences with top executives from Slovenia and abroad, student conferences and competitions, domestic and international student organizations, are just a part of the offer for a young scholar to get involved in to enrich one’s knowledge and experience.

As part of my studies and with goal to enrich my experience in international field, I applied for an AIESEC internship in Deutsche Post DHL group in Germany, where currently I am working in the regional DHL Global Forwarding - After Sales Management EMEA, where we cover Europe, Middle east and Africa with performance management for multinational companies like Ikea, BMW, Nestle, Epson, Vodafone, Avon etc.

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