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Transfer to University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business

Application deadline for enrolment into the higher year runs until 15 of September 2020.

What to send by email

  1. Your transcript of records of your Master study.
  2. English official translation of your transcript of records (not necessary if the document is already issued in English).
  3. Stamped and signed original Syllabuses of the courses you have already completed.
  4. A copy of your Bachelor degree.
  5. A short chronological description of your entire education (sample attached).
  6. Copy of your passport (EU candidates can send personal identity card instead).

The documentation should be sent to the e-mail address due to special conditions regarding the prevention of spreading of the COVID-19 disease. It should be sent in a form of scan/photography, no legalization or other authorisation is required. The authenticity of the documents shall be verified at the institution that issued the documents.

Based on the submitted documents, Committee for Student Affairs will determine the recognition of the courses*, any eventual bridge exams or any other eventual obligations for enrolment together with the year of study into which the candidates may enrol.

A student who transfers from another higher education institution from a related programme can receive up to no more than 60 ECTS completed compulsory subjects of the programme and all free optional subjects.

Before enrolment every candidate also has to finish the Recognition procedure. The recognition procedure is a part of the enrolment procedure.

*When deciding on recognition, the compatibility between the study content of the study programme, where the student passed the exam, with the study programme of the SEB LU is considered and also the level of complexity of the study programme, at which the student had previously studied. The exam can be recognized in full if at least 75% of the content, complexity and the number of hours or number of credit points at another institution of the subject passed corresponds to the subject at the SEB LU.

Info call centre

  • Monday - Friday:
    from 10.00am to 12.00am
  • also
    from 3.00pm to 5.00pm


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