Master's thesis

Aims of the course

Student under the guidance of mentor develops the research study and defends it. The aim is to develop independent, critical and ethical way of working and gaining the ability to prepare written and oral presentation of topics.

The topics included in the student written work shows that:
- student knows how to identify and define the research problem
- demonstrates knowledge of the theoretical background of the issue being discussed.
- selects and proper use of appropriate analytical method and technique: quantitative and / or qualitative.
- demonstrates the ability to connect theory and empirical / practical considerations.
- demonstrates the ability to think critically
- knows how to summarize key findings and indicate what are their implications for the interested public.
- identifies the limitations of his or her research work and on this basis provide opportunities for future research
- demonstrates creativity and motivation to find solutions
- acts in accordance to research ethics and pays due attention to citing sources.

Course syllabus

The content of the master thesis depends on the program and the economic and business field.

With the preparation and defense of master's thesis student acquires knowledge of the selected areas and topics, critically uses available resources and literature and evaluates the selected contents of the thesis

Course director(s)

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