International business environment

Aims of the course

- To understand the complexity and multidimensionality of the international environment, as well as its cause and effect relations from the viewpoint of international business.
- To understand the social, demographic, political, technological, ecological, financial, and legal aspects of the international business environment.
- To understand implications and business issues related to both the impact of "global" and "local" forces on international companies and organizations.
- To analyse international/local environments, industries, markets and consumers to support international business decision making.
- To develop and apply "glocal" mindset in business decision making.
- To understand sustainability dillemas in international business.
-To understand various aspects of corporate social responsibility in international business.
- To understand the role of NGOs in international business.
- To identify and assess global/local trends and their impact/relevance for international business.

Course syllabus

1. Global trends and their impact on global, international, regional and/or local markets, industries and companies.
2. Tools, sources and approaches for analysing global, international, regional and local markets, industries and consumers.
3. Contextual richness implications on global, international, regional and local business (for companies and organizations).
4. Skills, capabilities and resources for acting glocally.
5. International business and environmental regulations.
6. Varieties of capitalism across markets.
7. Corporate social responsibility accross markets.
8. The role of NGOs in global, international, regional and local markets.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 14:00 in P-349
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