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International finance 2


Aims of the course

- To deepen knowledge of the course participants in the area of international finance
- To acquint course participants with (i) new concepts and theories in the area of international finance, (ii) basic problems and current trends in this area
- To provide course participants with the tools for using theoretical knowledge in the area of international finance for addressing practical problems in this area.

Course syllabus

1. Financial crises and the new international financial order
1.1. Emerging countries external debt and alternatives for their solutions
1.2. Main patterns of financial crises in emerging economies
1.3. Key elements of the new international finance order - role of the International Monetary Fund, restructuring of bank debts and bonds
2. Specific risks in international finance and their management
2.1. Exchange rate risks
2.2. Country risk
3. International capital flows
3.1. Definition, relationship with national accounts and classification
3.2. Official sources of capital - multilateral finance institutions, ODA, export credits
3.3. Private sources of equity and debt financing (including eurofinancial markets)
3.4. Private public partnerships and project finance

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 14:00 in P-301
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