Master's Thesis Proposal

Aims of the course

Student acquires practical experience in research work preparation and gains knowledge and competences in the following:
- from research idea to written research report and public presentation and defense;
- common problems in the preparation of research work and how to solve them;
- methodological framework for the preparation and realization of empirical work in the study programme context;
- successful written communication of research results

Course syllabus

1. Master's thesis: From concept to research subject, submission and defense: the important milestones, content and examples of good theses
2. Key challenges in the preparation of the master's work and how to find solutions
3. Methodology for the preparation and realization of the empirical part of the master's thesis: From the collection of primary and secondary data to the analysis and presentation of results
4. Successful written communication: From formal proposals to the technically impeccable texts

Course director(s)

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