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In 2016 89 SCI/SSCI/AJG scientific papers were published or accepted for publication, 33 of them were ranked in the category of the JCR A1, AJG 4 or they were on the list of the FT-50 top journals.

Top scientific papers published in 2016

  1. CALLANAN, Cormac, JERMAN-BLAŽIČ, Borka,JERMAN BLAŽIČ, Andrej (2016).
    User awareness and tolerance of privacy abuse on mobile internet : an exploratory study.
    Telematics and informatics, ISSN 0736-5853, 33(1)109-128

  2. MIHALIČ, Tanja (2016).
    Sustainable-responsible tourism discourse : towards 'responsustable' tourism.
    Journal of cleaner production, ISSN 0959-6526;111(part B)461-470.
    JCR A1

  3. CULIBERG, Barbara, MIHELIČ, Katarina Katja (2016).
    Three ethical frames of reference: insights into Millennials' ethical judgements and intentions in the workplace.
    Business ethics, ISSN 0962-8770, 25(1)94-111.
    JCR A1

  4. YEOH, William, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    Extending the understanding of critical success factors for implementing business intelligence systems.
    Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, ISSN 2330-1635; 67(1)134-147
    JCR A1

  5. ČADEŽ, Simon, CZERNY, Albert (2016).
    Climate change mitigation strategies in carbon-intensive firms.
    Journal of cleaner production, ISSN 0959-6526. 112(5)4132-4143
    JCR A1

  6. TERGLAV, Katja, KONEČNIK RUZZIER, Maja, KAŠE, Robert (2016).
    Internal branding process: exploring the role of mediators in top management's leadership-commitment relationship.
    International Journal of Hospitality Management, ISSN 0278-4319 54:1-11
    JCR A1

  7. CASTELLI, Mauro, MANZONI, Luca, VANNESCHI, Leonardo, SILVA, Sara, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    Self-tuning geometric semantic Genetic Programming.
    Genetic programming and evolvable machines, ISSN 1389-2576, 17(1)55-74.
    JCR A1

  8. CULIBERG, Barbara, KOS KOKLIČ, Mateja, VIDA, Irena, BAJDE, Domen (2016).
    Examining the effects of utilities and involvement on intentions to engage in digital piracy.
    Computers in human behavior, ISSN 0747-5632. 61:146-154.
    JCR A1

  9. DEL FABBRO, Borut, VALENTINČIČ, Aljoša, GUBINA, Andrej (2016).
    An adequate required rate of return for grid-connected PV systems.
    Solar energy, ISSN 0038-092X. 132:73-83,
    JCR A1

  10. KOS KOKLIČ, Mateja, KUKAR-KINNEY, Monika, VIDA, Irena (2016).
    Three-level mechanism of consumer digital piracy : development and cross-cultural validation.
    Journal of business ethics,ISSN 0167-4544,134(1)15-27.
    JCR A1

  11. SPRUK, Rok, KEŠELJEVIĆ, Aleksandar (2016).
    Institutional origins of subjective well-being : estimating the effects of economic freedom on national happiness.
    Journal of happiness studies,ISSN 1389-4978, 17(2)659-712.
    JCR A1

  12. PRIMC, Kaja, ČATER, Tomaž (2016).
    The influence of organizational life cycle on environmental proactivity and competitive advantage : a dynamic capabilities view.
    Organization & environment,ISSN 1086-0266, 29(2)212-230.
    JCR A1

  13. CIMPERMAN, Miha, MAKOVEC BRENČIČ, Maja, TRKMAN, Peter (2016).
    Analyzing older users' home telehealth services acceptance behavior - applying an Extended UTAUT model.
    International journal of medical informatics,ISSN1386-5056; 90:22-31.
    JCR A1

  14. GODNOV, Uroš, REDEK, Tjaša (2016).
    Application of text mining in tourism : case of Croatia.
    Annals of Tourism Research,ISSN 0160-7383. 58:162-166.
    JCR A1, AJG 4

  15. ŠTIGLIC, Mitja , AGATZ, Niels, SAVELSBERGH, Martin, GRADIŠAR, Miro (2016).
    Making dynamic ride-sharing work : the impact of driver and rider flexibility.
    Transportation research. Part E,ISSN 1366-5545; 91:190-207.
    JCR A1

  16. VERBIČ, Miroslav , SLABE ERKER, Renata, KLUN, Maja (2016).
    Contingent valuation of urban public space : a case study of Ljubljanica riverbanks (2016).
    Land use policy,ISSN 0264-8377. 56 : 58-67.
    JCR A1

  17. HROVATIN, Nevenka ,DOLŠAK, Nives, ZORIĆ, Jelena (2016).
    Factors impacting investments in energy efficiency and clean technologies : empirical evidence from Slovenian manufacturing firms.
    Journal of cleaner production,ISSN 0959-6526; 127:475-486.
    JCR A1

  18. KOKOL-BUKOVŠEK, Damjana, MOJŠKERC, Blaž (2016).
    Jordan triple product homomorphisms on Hermitian matrices to and from dimension one.
    Linear and Multilinear AlgebraISSN 0308-1087; 64(8)1669-1678.
    JCR A1

  19. FERBAR TRATAR, Liljana , STRMČNIK, Ervin (2016).
    The comparison of Holt-Winters method and Multiple regression method : a case study.
    Energy, ISSN 0360-5442; 109:266-276.
    JCR A1

  20. PETERS, Twan, IŞIK, Öykü, TONA, Olgerta, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    How system quality influences mobile BI use : the mediating role of engagement.
    International journal of information management, ISSN 0268-4012; 36(5)773-783.
    JCR A1

  21. RAŠKOVIĆ, Matevž, DING, Zhonghui, ŠKARE, Vatroslav, OZRETIĆ DOŠEN, Đurđana, ŽABKAR, Vesna (2016).
    Comparing consumer innovativeness and ethnocentrism of young-adult consumers.
    Journal of business research, ISSN 0148-2963; 69(9)3682-3686.
    JCR A1

  22. TASSABEHJI, Rana, HACKNEY, Raymond A., POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    Emergent digital era governance : enacting the role of the 'institutional entrepreneur' in transformational change.
    Government information quarterly, ISSN 0740-624X; 33(2)223-236.
    JCR A1

  23. CASTELLI, Mauro, TRUJILLO, Leonardo, VANNESCHI, Leonardo, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    Prediction of relative position of CT slices using a computational intelligence system.
    Applied soft computing, ISSN 1568-4946, 46:537-542.
    JCR A1

  24. LANCELOT MILTGEN, Caroline, HENSELER, Jörg, GELHARD, Carsten, POPOVIČ, Aleš (2016).
    Introducing new products that affect consumer privacy : a mediation model.
    Journal of business research, ISSN 0148-2963. DOI: 69(10)4659-4666.
    JCR A1

  25. OGRAJENŠEK, Irena, GAL, Iddo (2016).
    Enhancing statistics education by including qualitative research.
    International statistical review, ISSN 0306-7734; 84(2)165-178.
    JCR A1

  26. GAL, Iddo, OGRAJENŠEK, Irena (2016).
    Rejoinder: More on enhancing statistics education with qualitative ideas.
    International statistical review, ISSN 0306-7734, 84(2)202-209.
    JCR A1

  27. MIHALIČ, Tanja, ŠEGOTA, Tina, KNEŽEVIĆ CVELBAR, Ljubica, KUŠČER, Kir (2016).
    The influence of the political environment and destination governance on sustainable tourism development : a study of Bled, Slovenia.
    Journal of sustainable tourism, ISSN 0966-9582; 24(11)1489-1505.
    JCR A1

  28. MASTEN, Igor, GRDOVIĆ GNIP, Ana (2016).
    Stress testing the EU fiscal framework (2016).
    Journal of financial stability, ISSN 1572-3089; 26:276:293.
    JCR A1

  29. FERBAR TRATAR, Liljana, MOJŠKERC, Blaž, TOMAN, Aleš (2016).
    Demand forecasting with four-parameter exponential smoothing.
    International journal of production economics, ISSN 0925-5273; 181(part A)162-173.
    JCR A1

  30. KNEŽEVIĆ CVELBAR, Ljubica, DWYER, Larry, KOMAN, Matjaž, MIHALIČ, Tanja (2016).
    Drivers of destination competitiveness in tourism : a global investigation.
    Journal of travel research, ISSN 0047-2875; 55(8)1041-1050.
    JCR A1, AJG 4

  31. DOMADENIK, Polona, PRAŠNIKAR, Janez, SVEJNAR, Jan (2016).
    Political connectedness, corporate governance, and firm performance.
    Journal of business ethics, ISSN 0167-4544,139(2)411-428.
    JCR A1, FT-50

  32. GÖSSLING, Stefan, RING, Amata, DWYER, Larry, ANDERSSON, Ann-Christin, HALL, Colin Michael (2016).
    Optimizing or maximizing growth? : a challenge for sustainable tourism.
    Journal of sustainable tourism, ISSN 0966-9582; 25(4) 527-548.
    JCR A1

  33. DRNOVŠEK, Mateja, CARDON, Melissa S., PATEL, Pankaj (2016).
    Direct and indirect effects of passion on growing technology ventures.
    Strategic entrepreneurship journal, ISSN 1932-4391; 10(2)194-213.
    AJG 4

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