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EIT Digital Summer School Ljubljana 2023


For the fourth consecutive year, the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB), in cooperation with EIT Digital (The European Institute of Innovation & Technology), is organizing a summer school in the field of digital technologies and entrepreneurship. It will take place 10.7. - 21.7. 2023 . As part of the summer school, groups of international students will explore the field of Digital Transformation for Organizational Resilience.

Over a two-week period, participants will hear renowned international experts in the field of entrepreneurship and the use of digital technologies that have the potential to address some of the biggest challenges facing organizations of the present and the future. The work at the summer school takes place in teams of students solving concrete challenges faced by companies and other institutions in Slovenia. At the end, the students present their solutions and receive a grade from both the companies and the professors of the summer school.

You can find more information at EIT Digital’s Summer School website.

You can apply by June 1 here.

For a glance of the 2019 Summer School activities, check out this video:

EIT Digital Summer School 2019 Ljubljana Slovenia from EIT Digital Academy on Vimeo.


Location: Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

When: 10.7. - 21.7. 2023

Organisations often face challenges related to adapting to new management and operational practises that arise from the use of disruptive IT technology. This becomes even more problematic when change is continuous and accelerated, as not all organisations are flexible enough to survive under these conditions and often exhibit cultural and organisational inertia.

In the summer school, participants will learn how to analyse work processes and organisations and develop new ways of working through an interactive design process using intrapreneurial and participatory actions and experiments. Participants will visit organisations and interview various stakeholders.

The final goal is to develop scenarios and solutions that address concrete problems of stakeholders and are developed using digital technologies. In this view, cities, businesses and administrations are seen as enablers, providing a common (physical) ground on which other organisations work and collaborate.

The final solutions to the challenges will be presented as proposals for experiments that could be implemented by the participating organisations. As such, students will create a strategic plan for the application of digital transformation in a selected organisation.

The summer school is organised by the University in Ljubljana. Case studies will be conducted by leading companies and organisations from various industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy, banking, gaming, mobility, IT, insurance and healthcare.

The focus of each program is on business innovation and entrepreneurship. You do not need a specific technical background or programming skills to participate in our summer school.

Benefits of the program:

  • Learning by doing and grow your network
    As a participant in the Summer School you will work in teams and apply “learning by doing” to develop a mindset and skills for innovation and entrepreneurship. We hope you will take this great opportunity to learn and network with students and professional intrapreneurs from the business and innovation community.
  • Get the competence
    Learn how disruptive technologies have an impact on markets and businesses, and how business models are changing.
  • Get the confidence
    Learn the different stages of the business development process and how to turn a business idea into a viable go-to-market proposal.
  • Get the soft skills
    Teamwork with peers and multidisciplinary professionals, tools and real business challenges will help you implement your learnings and bring them home to your own business.
  • Get the knowledge from top-notch lecturers and mentors*

Here is the application.

*Some of this years speakers, lecturers and mentors:

Vaughn Tan, PhD, is a London-based strategy consultant, author and professor. He specializes in designing organizations that are resilient to and benefit from uncertainty. He has worked with the food and beverage industry for over a decade and is active in legal technology, structured data and regenerative agriculture. He works with businesses and non-profits to make them more innovative and resilient in uncertain environments. Since 2013, he has been an assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at University College London's School of Management. His first book, The Uncertainty Mindset (2020), is about how to use uncertainty to drive innovation and adaptability. It is based on years of research with some of the most innovative culinary R&D teams in the world. It is published globally by Columbia University Press.

Matej Černe, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Management and Organization at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has published 69 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the fields of leadership, creativity/innovation and (digital) work design. He has 10+ years of business consulting experience, his bids won more than 10 mio € worth of research grants, and he has previously acted as Head of the Open Innovation Systems Laboratory at the Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control. Currently, he manages several academic and practitioner projects, including the latest‚ research journey. #HumanizingDigitalWork.

Ana Kyra (she/her) is the co-founder of Servis 8, the Slovenian institute for service design innovation, partner at the Co-Creation School, and co-initiator of Service Design Drinks Slovenia, a community event for Service Designers and UX professionals. She studied industrial design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon and is now completing her MBA in Service Innovation and Design at Laurea University in Helsinki. She explores ways to empower, engage and support individuals and organisations to effectively co-create. Experienced in design research, facilitation and experience design, she supports organisations and teams to solve their challenges co-creatively.

Aleš Pustovrh, who is co-organising the EIT Digital Summer School on "Digital transformation for organisational resilience" at the University of Ljubljana, is delighted that his university is hosting EIT Digital Summer School. »It is great to be part of a network of universities providing excellent learning on new emerging technologies for the third year now in a pressure cooker environment where both professionals, organisations and students learn how to build a business case in just two weeks. The University is very excited to be a part of this

Miha Škerlavaj, co-organiser and one of the main lecturers at the EIT Digital Summer School Ljubljana:
»Now more than ever, organizational resilience is being tested through covid-times, but even more so with future challenges of sustainable development. Public and private organizations are undergoing accelerated digital transformations. Those changes are as much about technology as they are about people. EIT Digital Summer School in Ljubljana is addressing exactly that human-technology interface to solve real-life challenges and opportunities for organizational resilience and growth. We teach and coach our students how to put DeepTech solutions into practice through cases developed by our partner companies. Through the cases presented, we get students and companies to first think outside the box and then work closely together implementing those solutions. Our main goal is to enable organizations to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to incremental change and disruption we are facing right now and will continue to do so in future

A quick tour through Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB):

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