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An invitation to the EIT Digital Summer School at School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana

At the School of Economics and Business, we have joined forces with EIT Digital, the leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. Together, we have organised a successful EIT Digital Summer School in 2019, targeting Digital Transformation for Urban Resilience. Due to the positive feedback from students, we are hosting this summer school again in 2020.

As a part of the EIT Digital Summer School program that is implemented in the leading European tech universities, more than 30 international students will form an interdisciplinary team that will tackle digital transformation challenges provided by Slovenian and international organisations. Combination of information technology and entrepreneurship skills that they will gain will enable students to utilise disruptive technologies in solving challenges in mobility, safety and resilience in the smart cities of the future. The Summer School will take place in Ljubljana and Venice, where students will have lots of opportunities to collaborate with companies, international universities and other students, forming bonds and gaining knowledge that will significantly benefit them in their careers.

You can find more information at EIT Digital’s Summer School website.

Please register and apply to the Summer School here.

For a glance of the 2019 Summer School activities, check the video here:

EIT Digital Summer School 2019 Ljubljana Slovenia from EIT Digital Academy on Vimeo.


About EIT Digital

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

EIT Digital delivers breakthrough digital innovations to the market and breeds entrepreneurial talent for economic growth and improved quality of life in Europe. It does this by mobilising a pan-European ecosystem of 200 top European corporations, SMEs, startups, universities and research institutes.

As a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT Digital is focused on entrepreneurship and is at the forefront of integrating education, research and business by bringing together students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs. This is done in our pan-European network of Co-Location Centres in Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. We also have a hub in Silicon Valley.

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Description of past and future activities performed with EIT Digital

University of Ljubljana is a new partner of EIT Digital, a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization driving Europe’s digital transformation. Its way of working embodies the future of innovation through a pan-European ecosystem of over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, startups, universities and research institutes, where students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs collaborate in an open innovation setting.

University of Ljubljana has joined the EIT Digital in 2019 and organized one of the twelve EIT Digital Summer Schools this year. The school focused on Driving Change through Digital Transformation, and the EIT Digital’s Digital Cities Action Line Leader supervised the programme.

The aim of the Ljubljana Summer School was to explore how new technologies are influencing the information, transportation and safety services provided by modern cities. All the teams developed during the summer school a clear description of their innovative idea and the problem they were supposed to solve and their vision of potential solutions.

In the 2020, the summer school will teach the participants how to analyse work processes and organisations and how to develop new working methods through an interactive design process using intrapreneurial and participative actions and experiments. The participants will visit the organisations and will interview different stakeholders.

Local contact details

The location of the Summer School is Ljubljana, Slovenia. A small city with a large university of 43.000 students is the perfect setting to allow the students to work on the cases provided by local companies and the city management. Listed as an undiscovered gem by the travel media, the beautiful landscape of Ljubljana, its laid-back summer feel and the proximity of the Adriatic and the Alps make for the best possible new venue for the EIT Digital’s Summer Schools in 2019. However, it’s growing reputation as an emerging startup hub and a crypto nation where more than 1 % of its population has invested into local initial coin offerings (ICO’s) also make it an intriguing destination to develop and deploy disruptive IT technologies in Digital Cities. You can get a better feeling of the host city here.

Student hostel is located 200 meters from the education venue and the city and its surroundings provide he perfect setting for summer social events. We plan to organize several, including a bootcamp for students when they start the summer school (a teambuilding event with clear focus on solving challenges connected to the business aspect of their cases). We will also likely visit one of the other cities in the vicinity of Ljubljana with similar problems but in a different institutional and legal environment (e.g. Zagreb).

Where: School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: In August 2020

Website: http://summerschool.eitdigital.eu/

E-mail contact: Renata Adlešič, eitdigital.ljubljana@ef.uni-lj.si

This activity has received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This body of the European Union receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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