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»The freedom to create is the art of everyday life.«

EF News is a medium that considers the reporting about current events at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana as the heart of its mission. Through words and pictures, we bring together the stories of directly and indirectly related participants of the faculty.

Reporting about current events at the faculty, transmission of knowledge and experience of domestic and foreign participants of the faculty, and future- and progress-oriented columns are the contents which we proudly say YES to, and we kindly invite you to become a part of them.

Your EF news team

EFnews Medeja Kenda

Medeja Kenda, Editor

EFnews Aleks Koren

Aleksander Koren, Journalist

EFnews Marina Ristić

Marina Ristić, Journalist

EFnews Mirna Lazar

Mirna Lazar, Journalist

EFnews Kaj Jež

Kaj Jež, Journalist

EFnews Matej Jerele

Matej Jerele, Journalist

EFnews Iva Drvarič

Iva Drvarič, Journalist

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