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1-6/93 news

Nivea Kofol in the FELU Art Gallery: “The bond between a mother and a child”

On Tuesday, 9 January 2018, the Art Gallery of the Faculty of Economics opened an excellent exhibition of collected sculptures entitled “The bond between a mother and a child”. It shows the existential entity a human being faces at the start of their self-awareness. The sculptor Nivea Kofol also embraced this eternal theme with her […]



Discover SWUFE Camp 2016: »More than 70 students from 40 countries«

The 5th International Summer School, which took place between 3rd and 17th July 2016, was hosted by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE). The main theme of Summer School was »The Belt and Road Initiatives«, with purpose to reaffirm China’s support and concerted efforts to promote connectivity in trade and economic development between the […]



Day of Business Informatics 2016: Digitalization – a new age in business

On 16th of November 2016, the Faculty of Economics (FELU) hosted the 12th Day of Business Informatics. The event was organized through the cooperation of students, Student Alumni and the Academic Unit of Business Informatics and Logistics. Each year they successfully present the importance of informatics in business and try to highlight the trends in […]



Cutting Edge of Digital Mind: “In the efficient economy, digitalization changes everything.”

On Monday, 19th September 2016, the Centre of Business Excellence at the Faculty of Economics (FELU) organized the Cutting Edge of Digital Mind Conference at the National Gallery in Ljubljana. The purpose of the Conference was to review digital world trends with examples of foreign practices in the fields of telecommunications, banking, innovation business and […]



FEEL 2016: Ethics and action towards it

On Thursday, 9th of June 2016, 4th FEEL conference about ethical leadership was held at Brdo pri  Kranju, where 14 interesting speakers from various backgrounds gave lectures and shared ideas. Slovenia’s Minister of Public Administration, Boris Koprivnikar, claimed: “As soon as you enter politics, you are considered unethical.” The aim of the conference was to […]



Delo MeNE išče 2016 AIESEC Slovenia: Get a global experience by working abroad

On 13th of April, the annual Delo MeNE išče event was held at the Faculty of Economics (FELU). The event was organized by the FELU’s Career Center in cooperation with the non-profit student organization Management Group. As part of the 13th consecutive event, 20 lectures and workshops were organized with the aim of informing students […]


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