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1-6/17 news

Week two of the Ljubljana Doctoral Summer School: Diversity and Collaboration

The second week of the Ljubljana Doctoral Summer School brought several new courses, students and professors, thereby adding a fresh perspective to the programme. We had an opportunity to talk with Professor Adamantios Diamantopoulos (Advanced Structural Equation Modelling, University of Vienna, Austria) and Professor Sousa Rui (Case Study Research: Design, Execution and Publication, Catholic University […]



Interview: Luka Šinkovec

Luka Šinkovec is an International Business student at the Faculty of Economics who used some of his study time to gather valuable international experience. He says the diversity of the countries he selected – he travelled to Japan and Finland – has given him a broad understanding of foreign cultures and their way of thinking […]



Ljubljana Summer School Through the Eyes of Visiting Scholars

Ljubljana Summer School (LSS) is a summer educational program of high quality, worldwide reputation, excellent courses and distinguished professors. Year after year it provides students with endless opportunities to learn and connect to thrive on their educational path. This year, the program connected over 400 students from 53 countries and 31 lecturers, from 12 countries […]



Eugene Chan, PhD: “My research has shown that a lot of factors that people think do not affect them actually do”.

Ljubljana Summer school 2015 hosted a guest lecturer professor Eugene Chan, PhD from the UTS Business school, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). His research interests are broadly in behavioral economics and how understanding the psychology of people’s judgments and decision-making can be used or “nudged” to increase charitable donations and for overall societal well-being. EFnews […]



Prof. dr. Tanja Mihalič, “The best ideas and practices are a mixture of international thinking”

Tanja Mihalič, Ph.D., is a full professor and a regular member of the Academic Unit for Economics as well as an associate member of the Academic Unit for Management and Organisation at the FELU. Her research interests include tourism development and competitiveness and she was kind enough to pass on her wisdom Do you think the […]



Assistant prof. Matevž Rašković, PhD: ”China is putting money where their mouth is”

If you are looking for an expert, who knows something about how business works in China, Matevž Rašković is definitely the man for the job. The recipient of numerous awards, he is an assistant professor of international business at the Faculty of Economics and the new acting head of the Masters of International Business English […]


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