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Application Procedure

for Exchange Students at SEB LU

To apply for an exchange programme, you will have to follow these four steps:

Four steps

Step 1: Application phase

Fill in the two online application forms, which will be sent to officially nominated students once we receive their nominations from partner university.

Apply as an exchange student through the online application form. You will be notified by email as your application progresses.

1. Application procedure for enrolment to the University of Ljubljana (UL)

University of Ljubljana has introduced new online application system for exchange students. There is no need to send a paper copy of the application. Students are required first to enrol themselves to the University of Ljubljana (UL) by filling in online application form.

2. Application procedure for enrolment to the School of Economics (SEB LU)

After you have successfully completed online application for enrolment to the University of Ljubljana, you are now required to complete an online application form of the School of Economics and Business in order to register courses, access to all information regarding courses, study system etc.

The application deadline is:

  • 15 May for winter semester and whole year,
  • 15 November for spring/summer semester.

We shall contact you in due course about further information to prepare for your exchange.

Your application is complete and will be processed only after you have filled out both application forms and entered all the required information.

Please note:

  • Your application will be assessed when you have:
    1. submitted your applications,
    2. confirmed your application
  • When asked for your personal details, always use the details mentioned in your valid international passport.
  • Provide an email address that you check regularly. We will contact you (mainly) via email.
  • Students applying for courses

    Course registration is done additionally and students get all information before registration opens. Course registration will be done online and all information with the access to the platform will be sent to you after 15 May for winter semester and 15 November for spring/summer semester.

    Please note that final list of courses will be available by end of May. Timetable will be announced during Orientation week. Once the lectures start you will have an add/drop period, where you will be able to change classes e.g. due to overlapping in timetable.

    Courses have limited number of places and are given to students by the rule “first come, first serve”.

    List of courses with descriptions: Course Catalog

    Step 2: Acceptance

    After the International office has assessed your admissibility, Letter of acceptance will be issued and sent to you after application deadline.

    Afterwards you will be informed about the further steps you will need to take:

    • Fill in the Learning Agreement (after successfully completing online course registration).
    • Have the Learning Agreement signed by the institutional or departmental coordinator of your home university.
    • International Office will sign your Learning Agreement and send it back to you by e-mail.

    Step 3: Preparation to arrival phase: 3 - 1 month(s) before arrival

    After you have been accepted you will need to arrange further preparations before arrival. The International office will provide you with a buddy (Slovenian student who will get in touch with you before your arrival).

    Residence permit and health insurance: all information will be given to you by International office.


    • Student dormitories
      Students can apply for a bed in student dormitories. Beds are given to students on "first come first serve" basis. The rooms are double, with shared bathroom and shared kitchen. The access to internet is available in all the dormitories. The price of the room depends on the type of the apartment and size of the room. The average price per person per month in a double room is 120 - 190 EUR.
    • Private accommodation
      The Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana will help you find private accommodation after your arrival to Ljubljana. Before your departure you should book yourself a hostel for the first few nights. After the arrival, visit the International Office of the Student Organization (Pivovarniška ulica 6, Mon and Fri: 12am-3pm, Tue: 2pm-5pm) or contact them by e-mail: rooms@sou-lj.si
    • HousingAnywhere
      Use HousingAnywhere platform to rent out your room to an incoming exchange student and get a room in Ljubljana. This website is free to use and it operates on a student-to-student basis. For any questions, please contact info@housinganywhere.com

    Step 4: Upon arrival and during your stay at the SEB LU

    Students are required to arrive at the SEB LU in time for the start of the courses. The SEB LU organizes an introduction period for new (international) students before the start of each semester - Fall and Spring semester called Orientation days! During these days you will meet your fellow students and get to know SEB LU and Slovenia.

    Students attending the Orientation days for international students will be guided through all necessary formalities.

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