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International Marketing


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This course is designed to provide you with a framework within which global marketing operations can be analyzed, understood, and undertaken. It focuses on the issues faced by firms in today’s multinational marketplace, particularly those that relate to marketing strategy formulation and implementation. We will recognize in this course that most business issues addressed in the multinational context are similar to those firms implicitly or explicitly face in their domestic operations.

The main differences between domestic and multinational operations are usually matters of degree, variation, and complexity of controllable (i.e., marketing mix elements, management issues) and uncontrollable forces (i.e., aspects of the national and cultural environments that exist around the world).

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Session 1
Theoretical Foundations of
Global Marketing
Ch 2 Johansson
Form Groups & Assign Cases

Session 2
Market Opportunity Analysis:
Researching Country
Choosing the Market
a) Generalized Buyer
b) Segmentation Strategies
EPRG Model
Product Positioning Basics
Ch 4 Johansson
Ch 7 and Ch 11 Johansson

Session 3

Global Products and Services
Global Branding
Foreign Entry Modes
Ch 12, 13 Johansson
Ch 5, 6 Johansson

Session 4

Distribution and Sourcing
a) Distribution Strategies
b) Global Sourcing
Practical Distribution
Ch 15 Johansson

Session 5
Pricing: Strategic Pricing
a) Market Based
b) Confluence of Pricing and
Ch 14 Johansson

Session 6
Case Presentation/Discussion

Nosilci predmeta

  • red. prof. dr. Irena Vida

  • Katedra za trženje (redna članica)
  • Katedra za management in organizacijo (pridružena članica)
  • Katedra za mednarodno ekonomijo in poslovanje (pridružena članica)
  • Govorilne ure
  • petek ob 13.00 v P-319 ZOOM
  • ZOOM: https://ef-ul.zoom.us/j/96246862143?pwd=UWRXNmZ2Q2xSZHVrYXRqY0xRRlA0dz09
  • POZOR: Aktualna sprememba govorilnih ur
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