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Business world and study

We have been intensively involved in the study process at the School of Economics and Business for many years. We are aware that useful knowledge is of great importance for the development of quality graduates. Together with many companies, we are succeeding in many ways.

Hosting lecturers from companies or institutions

Gostovanje predavateljev
In the past four years 945 guests from practice have taught at SEB LU.

Guests present their businesses, their work and the challenges they face. In this way students get to know the companies in which they operate and present themselves as interesting future employers. At the same time, they enable students to better understand the study material and knowledge that employers want with graduates. Teachers promote dialogue with the guest and students, thus facilitating an effective transfer of knowledge. The latter is not just one-sided. There are quite a few cases where entrepreneurs or managers are enthusiastic when leaving the lecture and ponder some good idea or possible solution to the problem that they have thought of when talking to our students.

Tendered bachelor’s and master's theses

Razpisana diplomska dela

Companies, suggest topics for theses - the tendered topics are always attractive and bring great results.

Learning about the student with business practice can be done first by making seminar papers, and then also bachelor’s and master’s theses. The advantages are given to all participants - a company that acquires knowledge, creativity, originality and unguardedness of the student and a quality thesis under the professional guidance of a mentor pedagogue, a student who is given the opportunity to inspect the real business world and use knowledge and skills on a practical case. We invite companies and institutions as well as pedagogical workers to decide on this type of cooperation with students of the School of Economics and Business.

Business and case studies

Študijski primeri

We encourage the development of projects and case studies.

Students who cast a fresh eye and above all in a different way perceive business challenges have already proved that they are interested in this type of work. Although it is much more extensive and demanding than sitting in school benches, it presents a dynamic challenge, and above all an attractive confrontation with real business practice and business representatives in the form of conversations, research and presentations. Practical understanding of the content and knowledge gained in lectures, exercises and seminars is not always easy, so this kind of cooperation is interesting for both students, pedagogues, and for you - companies.

The results of this form of cooperation show that growing interest is also on the corporate side. Such a form of cooperation can be a very good basis for business decision making. Those companies that have accepted such a challenge were often impressed. They also formulate and forward ideas for new projects, case studies, bachelor’s and master’s theses. Above all, it is important that such forms of cooperation are desirable and that they also arrange for suitable co-workers - mentors in the company to take care of the smooth running of such projects.



Effective cooperation between faculties and the business world enables the transfer of knowledge from school benches to business practice and vice versa. It is a contact between the best in the business world and the School of Economics and Business. Representatives from the economy often participate as speakers or participants in round tables. Business partners present themselves with various forms of sponsorship.

Organization of visits and excursions to companies or institutions

Organizacija obiskov v podjetja

At the School of Economics and Business, we are increasingly finding out that visits to companies and excursions are not only an interesting form of getting to know business practice, but also a creative way to get information on employment, skills needed, ideas about projects, bachelor’s and master's theses.

With the desire to bring business practice closer to students, for several years we have been co-financing the organization of visits and student excursions (at home and abroad) within the framework of study subjects. The Student Council of the School of Economics and Business sometimes helps us with the organization.

We invite companies and institutions to opt for this kind of cooperation with students of the School of Economics and Business.

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