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Jean Monnet Module »Economic governance of the EU»

Objectives of the Action The Jean Monnet Module Action on “Economic governance of the EU” (in continuation Action) at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (in continuation SEB LU) has two main objectives:
  • to strengthen significantly the quality and the profile of existing courses on economic policies EU by integrating into their curricula an entirely new module on the EU economic governance subject; and
  • to contribute to better academic, professional public and media coverage of new challenges associated with the introduction of the highly complex new economic governance of the EU that has been introduced over the recent years. This implies various types of non-pedagogical professional activities, such as organizing thematic lectures and workshops on this subject, both in Slovenia and in the EU candidate countries from the Western Balkan region, as well as publishing in academic and professional texts on EU economic governance.
Groups targeted by the Action;The Action is aimed at engaging the target public, which mostly consists of domestic and foreign SEB LU students, but also academic professionals and other stakeholders, including interested public and media, through teaching activities, different events, such as workshops, round tables and conferences, as well as research papers and other publications.
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