International Financial Environment

Aims of the course

- To develop fundamental knowledge in international finance applicable for business students from elementary to intermediate level.
- To familiarize the students with the key conceptual issues of international financial environment relevant for business related decision making
- To teach the students to use the acquired knowledge in solving practical problems.
- To prepare the students for further study of international finance.

Course syllabus

1. Specifics of business in an international environment
2. Balance of payments
2.1. Concept
2.2. sources of disequilibria
2.3. Financing and balance of payment adjustment
3. Exchange rates
3.1. Concept
3.2. Exchange rate systems and regimes
4. Foreighn exchange markets and international parity conditions
4.1. Foreign exchange markets
4.2. International parity conditions
4.3. Exchange rate forecastingv
5. International monetary system
4.1. Concept and evolution
4.2. Problems of the international monetary system today
5. Specific risks in international finance and their management
5.1. Foreighn exchange risk
5.2. Country risk
6. Foreign trade financing
6.1. Key elements
6.2. Main export financing instruments
7. Fixed income instruments
7.1. Syndicated loans
7.2. Eurobonds
8. Project finance

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 16:30 in P-345
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 14:00 in P-301
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