Contract Business Law

Aims of the course

In the course Business Contract Law, students deepen the knowledge of the basics of the Law of Obligations, which they have acquired in the course Law of Business Organisations and Business Law. Methodologically, the course is designed to familiarise students with the main features of business contracts and the most important types of business contracts. At the same time, the knowledge acquired will enable them to distinguish commercial law transactions from traditional civil law transactions. Students will also learn the basics of non-business obligations (liability for damages) and the possibilities of securing contractual obligations.
The lectures are complemented by seminars in which the students deepen the knowledge acquired in the lectures using examples from practise and case law. In this way, they will be able to prepare simpler contracts, solve concrete cases from practise and learn about the most common mistakes in the conclusion and fulfilment of contractual obligations.
Students who wish to deepen their knowledge can prepare a seminar paper under the guidance of a lecturer, which will enable them to study individual institutes of the law of obligations or individual types of commercial contracts in more detail.

Course syllabus

1. The origin and development of autonomous legal sources of business contracts
2. Fundamental institutes of the obligational relations
3. Conclusion of business contracts
4. Instruments of enforcement of contractual obligations of the contracting parties
5. Rights and obligations of the contracting parties
6. Legal consequences of breach or non-performance of contractual obligations
7. Liability for damages arising from business and non-business relations
8. Individual types of contractual relations (purchase, employment, agency, commission, subcontract, assignment, leasing, franchise, forfaiting, factoring, assignment, distribution contract, etc.)
9. Basic rules of private international law
10. Dispute resolution, with emphasis on alternative forms

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Friday at 9:00 in R-307
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