Managing supply

Aims of the course

The course builds on the fundamentals of Supply chain management and logistics and introduces students to issues of ensuring adequate supply of goods or services in a supply chain.
Enable students to identify problems associated with ensuring an efficient supply and related problems caused by the uncertainty of the business environment. Consequently, choosing the appropriate business decision by pursuing the selected goals within the business strategy.
Understanding the interdependence of the elements of supply and conflicting interests in the supply chain and their impact on the performance of the entire supply chain.
In-depth understanding of business models and concepts based on an analysis of cases from practice.

Course syllabus

Supply chain: The role of supply
Supply within the supply chain management and business logistics of the company
Purchasing in the supply chain
Role of purchasing and purchasing behavior of the companies: The tasks and the responsibilities of purchasing, new developments in purchasing
Analysis of the purchasing process: The steps of the purchasing process, markets and products, purchasing management process
From purchasing to supply chain management
Purchasing and business strategy
Make-or-buy« analysis and TCO-analysis
Sourcing strategies: The assessment and the selection of suppliers
Bullwhip effect, coordination and strategic partnership in the supply chain
“Just-in-time” supply / purchasing
Purchasing in retailing
Enabling continuous supply amid disruptions

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 13:00 in RZ-305
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