Personnel Economics for Managers

Aims of the course

To adapt basic labour market knowledge to the need of the mangement.
Upgrade basic knowledge of the labour market to the need of the personnel management.
To develop the understandings of the labour market and its roles in a firm and in the economy.
Understanding of the relations between theoretical knowledge, labour market institutions and recruting of the workers at the micro level.
To develop analytical research competences, especially with the use of the case studies.
To develop a knowledge of the internal and external labour markets.
To understand contractual nature of the employment relations at micro/firm level.

Course syllabus

1. Introduction to the personnel economics for managers
2. Hiring of the workers
2.1. Setting hiring standards
2.2. Hiring the right people
3. Productivity, pay and rewarding
3.1. Pay for performance or pay for working time
3.2. Individual and group norms and teams
3.3. Seniority-based incentive schemes
3.4. Nonmonetary compensation and fringe benefits
3.5. Promotion and career as motivators
4. Turnover and layoffs
5. The theory of human capital
6. Employment relations as contractual relations
7. Discrimination in employment
8. Trade unions, collective bargaining and relations between social partners

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 10:00 in R-415
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