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International Marketing


Aims of the course

• to understand the complexity of the international business environment
• to learn how to analyze international markets and industries
• to understand the specifics of international marketing vis-à-vis domestic marketing
• to get familiar with the issue of standardization and adaptation of marketing tools in international marketing
• to understand how cross-cultural challenges impact international marketing decisions
• to learn about key international marketing issues based on practical examples and case studies of foreign and Slovene companies

Also develop competence of:
- team work
- reporting
- critical thinking; analysis/synthesis; problem solving

Course syllabus

The course provides the background for understanding the international marketing environment, its trends and challenges in global vs. local markets. It gives insights to developing international marketing strategies in international firm, standardization and adaptation of marketing, regional aspects and specifics of marketing either from the company or customer point of view. The course is recommended for anyone intending to work with an international firm.

1. Global vs. local marketing challenges and trends
2. Analytical approach to marketing: PEST analysis, international marketing research, international marketing information system
3. Development of an international marketing strategy: market selection and entry mode, the concept of a marketing mix, standardization vs. adaptation in international marketing
4. Cultural and ethical issues in marketing, including negotiations
5. Regional aspects: marketing specifics in EU, South-eastern, ex-socialist, Asian and other markets

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 9:00 in P-214/2
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