Diagnosis of a firm

Aims of the course

1. Learn the role and specifics of counseling work in SMEs.
2. Use and improvement of business-analytical skills in the practical case of small business.
3. Develop basic consulting capabilities and skills.
4. Develop personal and written communication skills with entrepreneurs.
5. Ability to form business relationships.
6. Understand the concept of support to small businesses at both macro and micro level.
7. Recognize examples of the 'best practices' in counseling abroad and in Slovenia.
8. Acquire knowledge to conduct minor consultancy projects.
9. The development of business-ethics principles and attitudes.

Course syllabus

The course provides insights into the role of an advisor/counselor in small businesses and distinguishes it from the traditional role of a management consultant in large organizations, aiming to develop counseling/consulting skills of the participants of the course. In this course students learn about the concept of entrepreneurial support network and its dilemmas, along with some examples of "good practices" in Slovenia and abroad. Students who are not opting for a career in counseling, will learn more about counseling work, the methods of management consulting projects, support networks and the mode of cooperation with entrepreneurs as clients.

Course director(s)

  • LinkedIn: Mateja Drnovšek 
  • Skype: mateja_drnovsek 
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