Selling and marketing for entrepreneurs

Aims of the course

- Present the importance of marketing and sales for a successful entrepreneur.
- To present the specifics of sales and marketing for SMEs and startups.
- To acquaint students with the sales tools.
- To acquaint students with concrete approaches to sales and marketing in a variety of contexts.
- Prepare students for the possible continuation of the course of study.
- Encourage students to use modern approaches to improve their business.

Course syllabus

1. Marketing for entrepreneurs, the specifics of SME and startup marketing practices
2. Searching for market opportunities and market development
3. Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
4. What is and what is not sales, why do we need sales
5. The sales process
6. Methods for identifying customers
7. Establishing contact
8. Developing a Sales Pitch
9. Sales tools and processes
10. Negotiations and price setting
11. Completing the sales process
12. After sales activities
13. Specifics of B2B and other types of sales

Course director(s)

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  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:30 in P-337
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