New Venture Creation

Aims of the course

Develop the ability of teamwork, taking responsibility, and self-initiative activity in solving human, technical and economic problems related to the development of new products and services.
Establish a project to develop a new product or service in the context of a new own business, in an existing company, in their own family business or in an counselling project to other companies.
Develop the ability of a desig thinking as a modern technique for solving problems.

Course syllabus

1. Rapid growing companies and the development of new products and services in the time of global markets and competition (systems of development of new products and services, review of the traditional approach to development, the design approach - design thinking)
2. A five step approach to the development of new products and services (observation, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, refining,
2.1. Business anthropology (observation, diary writing),
2.2. Prototyping (prototyping tools overview, simple rapid prototyping techniques, computer aided prototyping)
2.3. Sketching as a prototyping tool (techniques of fast sketching)
2.4. Prototyping workshop (rapid prototyping with the use of simple tools with the emphasis on all phases of the prototyping procedure)
3. Business plan (contents of the business plan: summary, company description, product or service, market analysis, strategy and implementation, financial plan, appendices)
3.1. Business model
3.2. Creation of new value
3.3. Selection of the form of the company
3.4. Financial projections
3.5. Simplified business plan
4. Overview of top Slovenian entrepreneurs or Slovenian design work (with business cases and guests from practice)
5. A visit to one of the top Slovenian companies that developed a successful product or service for the global market
6. The contribution of different disciplines to the creation of new products or services, entrepreneurial process and design process

The focus of the work at the course is on developing entrepreneurial solutions for the topic that the students choose, and the creation of a new unit or a new company.
Work will be done practically with a system of mentoring for individual projects.
An important part of the course is also the use of modern tools for rapid prototyping and teamwork and communication.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 11:00 in P-328
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