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Research-Consulting Project in a Sport Organization


Aims of the course

The aim of the course is to develop a proposed solution of a relevant business problem defined by a sport organization. The proposed solutions are based on a thorough research and consulting work. The solutions are submitted to the client in the form of a written elaborate and through an oral presentation. After the project a student will have the ability for individual and team research and consulting work in sport (and sport-related) organizations.

Course syllabus

Before the semester starts students are assigned into teams. Each team deals with a specific research-consulting project in a selected sport organization. Students therefore solve practical problems of sport (or sport-related) organizations. These problems are defined by the sport organizations and in cooperation with the coordinator from one of both faculties. Work takes place throughout the semester followed by the presentation of the final (and if needed also the interim) results to the client (the sport organization) after the semester. The work of each project team is coordinated by the mentor that comes from one of both faculties and is an expert in the addressed field. The mentor's role is to structure and steer the work of team members. Students first prepare theoretical overview of the studied field which helps them properly define the methodology for further research. In the second phase students carry out the research, analyze the results and perform all other required activities needed to obtain the best possible solution of the analyzed problem. Students submit the results of their work to the client in the form of a written elaborate as well as through a formal oral presentation.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 16:00 in P-327
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