General information

Doctoral students may choose from courses, seminars, and workshops organised by the UL SEB, partner institutions within the network of doctoral programmes, and international schools with accredited doctoral programmes. Part of the programme can be completed abroad at a school or institution approved by the student's mentor and coordinator of the programme.

  • Full-time and part-time study is available.
  • Lectures are in English.
  • The doctoral programme lasts four years (eight semesters).
  • After completion of the required curriculum and research requirements, students receive the title "Doktor znanosti".

Study Tracks

Students may choose between an Economics Track or Business Track.

ECONOMICS TRACK Majors: Economics, International Economics, Money and Finance
BUSINESS TRACK Majors: Management and Organization, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, International Business, Information Management, Operations Research, Business Logistics

Conditions for advancing to the next year

The requirement to advance from the first to second year is the approved presentation of doctoral dissertation proposal draft, which is also the condition to attain credits designated for individual work on dissertation and successful completion of organized forms of study, planned for the first year.

The requirement to advance from second to third year is a statement from the School Senate confirming the committee’s approval of the dissertation topic’s suitability and successful completion of organized forms of study, planned for the second year.

To advance into the fourth year, the doctoral candidate has to collect a total of 180 credits in organized forms of study – classroom instruction (i.e., pass all of the exams in theoretical foundations subjects, methodological foundations subjects and elective subjects, active participation in at least one scholarly conferences, research workshops, doctoral seminars, and research seminars and the demonstration of progress made on the dissertation) and independent research work on dissertation. Independent research work on the dissertation is demonstrated by the University of Ljubljana Senate’s approval of the dissertation topic.

By way of exception, the Research and Doctoral Studies Committee may allow advancement to students that have justifiable reasons for this and set a deadline for them to fulfil all of the requirements.

Conditions for completion of the programme

To complete the programme and earn a doctoral degree, students must complete all of the programme’s academic requirements and successfully defend the dissertation, collecting a total of 240 ECTS credits. Before submitting their dissertation for evaluation, students must publish an article (or submit a statement confirming that their article has been accepted for publication) on the dissertation topic in publications that the School deems suitable.

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