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SEB LU Student Council

The SEB LU Student Council Student Council School of Economics and Business, discusses and gives the competent authorities of the University of opinion on the statute of the University and on all matters relating to the rights and obligations of students. Student Council, University of Ljubljana, however, form an opinion on candidates for rector and elected members of bodies and their working groups from among the students. The SEB LU Student Council provides a vital link between students and faculty. Across the students involved in faculty and university bodies and give their views, suggestions and comments.

The primary function of Student Council, the study issues and solve problems of students in the study process.


  • Recognize and observe student opinion and follow-up on the results of student surveys;
  • communicate student body views on teaching assistants, assistance professors, and associate professors for title applications;
  • assist students in solving problems related to the study process;
  • approve financing for student publications;
  • participate in all SEB LU events including: information day, freshman orientation, and diploma presentation;
  • cooperate with other student organizations at the SEB LU;
  • cooperate with other UL councils and committees;
  • organize freshman orientation, committees, and academic events;
  • introduce tutorials to assist new students.

Student Opinion

The SEB LU Student Council serves as a collaborative evaluation team committed to enhancing the educational experience at the SEB LU. To facilitate opportunities for positive change, the Council works to identify student concerns about relevant school issues and works to enhance communication between students, faculty, and administration. The Council works to represent the opinions of the students when assessing the effectiveness of SEB LU programmes.

Organization & Elections

The Student Council is organized under the Higher Education Act through the statues of the UL Rules of Procedure of the Student Council and is governed by the rules of the SEB LU.

Elections are called at the request of the Dean of the SEB LU and are held the second full week of November. Elected student council members elect a president, vice-president, and secretary, and also appoint representatives to serve on the Senate, Management Board, and various SEB LU committees.

Council meetings are held once a month. Appointments to the Senate, committees, and other groups are open to all students of the SEB LU.

The budget for the Student Council in comprised partly of funds allocated by the SEB LU and funds received from the UL. Budget uses are approved by the SEB LU Student Council.

Student Council Representatives

  • Student Council President: Rok Smrekar, student
  • Student Council Vice President: Tim Robič, student
  • Dušan Bursać - student
  • Tjaša Zver Siječić - student
  • Alen Rožac - student
  • Maja Eberhard - student
  • Anže Koprivec - student
  • Jure Karlin - student
  • Kristian Prekpaljaj - student
  • Živa Perfeta - student
  • Kristian Rešetič - student
  • Tristan Podbršček - student
  • Aleksander Milićević - student
  • Dita Pevec - student
  • Anej Ribič - student

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