Management and Economics in Health Care

graduate programme

It is said that health is the greatest wealth and the health care with its services and products – of great importance for human health - has always been one of the key activities. It will be even more important tomorrow than today. Do you want to complement your knowledge of economics and business or your experience with economic practice with knowledge of health care? Do you want to expand your knowledge of healthcare with knowledge from economics and business? Then enrolment in the second-cycle Management and Economics programme in Health Care is the right choice for you - because health care needs people with economic and business knowledge and because you can put your life path in the right way with such knowledge.

Duration of study 2 years (4 semesters)
Scope of ECTS 120 ECTS
Study status Part-time
Degree Master of Arts (MA) – second-cycle graduate in Management and Economics in Health Care

Knowledge and skills acquired by taking this programme

Health care is an important economic activity. But for work in this field and for its management, neither economic and business studies nor health studies does not provide sufficient knowledge. For the competent management of economic issues in health care, you need to study as offered by the second-cycle programme Management and Economics in Health Care. The University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business is one of the few providers of this study.

An updated and revamped programme Management and Economics in Health Care provides an economic understanding of healthcare activity and knowledge about the organization of healthcare providers and the design of health systems. He will train you to manage healthcare providers and equip you with all the basic skills for this work. You will gain basic knowledge on accounting, finance, resource management, management tools, IT and purchasing from healthcare providers. You will also get acquainted with economic analyses in healthcare, public-private partnership in health care, health insurance, healthcare ethics, statistics and econometrics in health care, demography, marketing in health care and Pharmacoeconomics.

As graduates of the master's programme Management and Economics in Health Care you will gain a high level of professional competencies in the field of management and economics in health care. In fact, you will be able to contribute to the development of one of the most promising sectors of the Slovenian and world economy, i.e. health care.

Organizations/institutions/companies with employment prospects

All healthcare providers in private and public property, such as health centres, concessionaires, hospitals, private healthcare institutions and pharmacies, medical and other similar associations, research and consulting organizations in the health sector, the Ministry of Health, municipal administrations, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies etc. You will be able to conceive and successfully manage your own entrepreneurial ventures in health care.


Managers at various levels, including top managers from private and public healthcare providers, managers of individual production functions within providers, such as process organizers, analysts in controlling or in planning and analytical services of providers and suppliers in the health sector, management consultants, analysts in research and consulting organizations, insurance experts - in particular for the marketing, organization, development of new health insurance products - organizers and heads of charities and similar organizations. And of course, entrepreneurs in health and social entrepreneurship.


1. year

Semester Course ECTS
1. Principles of Health Economics 10
1. Health Care and Health Care Systems 10
1. Principles of Management in Health Care 10
2. Economic Analysis in Health Care 6
2. Accounting for Health Care Organisations 6
2. Financial Management in Health Care Organisations 6

2. year

Semester Course ECTS
3. Human resource management in healthcare 6
3. Managerial Tools in Health Care Organizations 6
3. Informatics in Health Care 6

* From the list of Management and Economics in Health Care elective courses
** Any elective course within the SEB LU, UL or other higher education institutions with an appropriate number of ECTS


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