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Viktoriya from Kazakhstan

Undergraduate student in University degree programme in International Business

My name is Viktoriya. My hometown is Almaty, Kazakhstan. But I`m studying International Business at SEB LU for about a year. First I came to Ljubljana as an exchange student for one semester and also stayed for Summer School in July. I really like studying here, because we have many opportunities to work in international groups, to solve different case studies and to work on company`s projects. Professors provide us with practical knowledge and up-to-date trends to be able to work with modern, continuously changing environment. So, quality of education is very high and University ranking tells for itself. Moreover, the location of University is really nice. Ljubljana is a charming city with great infrastructure and amazing nature. Besides, Slovenia`s location made it just a perfect place for travelling within the country and outside of it.

Taisiya Stepankina

Taisiya Stepankina from Russia

Undergraduate student in University degree programme in Business and Economics

SEB LU is considered to be one of the best institutions in Europe. It is known by its strong educational program. When I came here, I was surprised by how practice and theory are closely correlated: we have a lecture, and immediately we try to implement the knowledge we got. For example, we read a case study (majority of them are made by Harvard), and then we have a simulation of a situation. The aim is to understand how all explained procedures are functioning in the real world. For the same purposes we have a lot of projects: to create and elaborate a prototype of a new product or service, conducting a deep investigation of external and internal forces of the chosen market, to write a business plan and to present the final project. Studying in English also improves the language and communication skills.

My biggest challenge of studying here was the first semester, when I still wasn't fluent in English due to the lack of practice. However, I was not the only one who faced such problem, and together with my group-mates we were trying to overpass it. I think that we succeeded. My biggest opportunity of studying here was also the first semester, when I suddenly needed to work on team projects and to present them. I never considered myself to be a good speaker, but when you have to accomplish something, you don't have time for your fears - you are just going and doing it. "Make it or break it". I cannot say that studying at SEB LU is difficult for me, but it requires deep understanding of each subject and a lot of effort. For me it is a mark of a high level of education.

Regarding the comparison of studies in Russia and in Slovenia, I can just mention the difference in the general attitude to study system. In Russia the universities try to give their student broad knowledge about different areas, even not directly connected with the chosen study field. In Slovenia the studies are more focused on the specific area. The two systems, from my point of view, cannot be compared in terms of what is better: it depends on the goals which a student tries to achieve while studying process.

Yaniv Nissim

Yaniv Nissim from Israel

Undergraduate student in University degree programme in Business and Economics, specialization Marketing

During my studies at the SEB LU, I found diverse classes led by great professors and attended by students from all over the world. I enjoyed experiencing different cultures and working in teams.I also enjoyed the magical places in Slovenia.

I am confident that, thanks to my experience at the SEB LU, I am prepared to enter the business world.

Taiwo Korede Aladeojebi from Nigeria

Undergraduate student in University degree programme in Business and Economics

My study at SEB LU was fantastic, I had an amazing time and the experience was priceless. The opportunity to study with students from all across the world gave the whole experience a special touch.

As I did not study in Nigeria, I can’t really compare both, but one thing I am certain about is the rich diversity and the opportunities that came with studying at SEB LU.

My biggest challenge was the language, while my course was mostly in English, life outside University requires a bit of Slovene. It wasn’t a huge challenge when it comes to going out and having fun, but a challenge when it comes to getting work experience, however things are improving as one of my friends now works full time without the need for the language.

I currently work for a software company in the UK in the marketing automation sector and it’s been amazing so far.

Yaniv Nissim

Jure Šutar from Slovenia

Undergraduate student in University degree programme in Business and Economics, International business

For me, studying at SEB LU was a life changing experience. It gave me a lot of valuable knowledge and experiences as well as enabled me to meet people from all over the world. After studying in such an international environment for two years I was motivated to go abroad myself. School of Economics and Business staff helped me to arrange a one year double degree exchange in South Korea where my life literally turned upside down. Apart from studying I got to know a totally different culture, meet amazing people, worked in Korean bank, travel around 6 countries, got the main role in advertisement video, been on Korean national TV as well as radio station, ran on Jeju international ultra-marathon, won a presentation contest, attended Korean wedding, and fall in love with Korea girl.

After amazing year abroad, I decided to come back to SEB LU, this time as master student. I just had another amazing semester and many interesting projects that helped me understand the theory we covered in class. As student majoring in international business I also got a chance to work on a project where we did market analysis for markets Slovenian company TAM is thinking to enter.

Finally, SEB LU enabled me to go on another exchange and return to the country I fall in love with. SEB LU made my dreams come true and for that, I’ll be always grateful.

Novak Novaković

Novak Novaković from Serbia

Undergraduate student University degree programme in Business and Economics

I would describe my experience at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business with the following words – diversity,quality and proximity.

Diversity – By studying at SEB LU, I had a chance to meet people from different backgrounds and gain international friendships. This is possible because SEB LU cooperates with many European and global universities.

Quality – as somebody who has studied at one American univerisity and has later transferred to SEB LU, I can freely tell that the curriculum, professors and technology are up-to-date and in compliance with global standards.

Proximity – As a student coming Serbia, I am happy that high-quality and internationally recognized education are not far away from home. They are located near some momentous tourist attractions and are financially accessible due to bilateral agreements between Serbia and Slovenia and some general benefits that all university students in Slovenia have.

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