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Academic requirements consist of 60 ECTS from organised courses (12 ECTS from core subjects, at least 18 ECTS from the Methodological foundations subjects, at least 18 ECTS from major seminars and at least 12 ECTS from individual forms of study) and 120 ECTS from dissertation work and a dissertation defence. The total academic requirement is 180 ECTS.


Core subjects ECTS (12)
Research Skills 6
Philosophy and Theory of Science in Economics and Business 6
Methodological foundations (Courses selected by the candidate - totaling at least 18 ECTS credits) ECTS (18)
Mathematics for Economics and Business 6
Probability and Statistics 6
Advanced Econometrics 8
Panel Data Econometrics 4
Applied Time Series Analysis 4
Regression Models in Economics and Business 4
Theory and Application of Quantitative Research 4
Theory and Application of Qualitative Research 4
Elective methodological courses 3-8
Work on dissertation 30 ECTS

2nd Year: 60 ECTS

Major seminars* (each from 3 to 10 ECTS) 0-18 ECTS
Individual forms of study (participation in academic conferences,workshops, doctoral and research seminars) 0-12 ECTS
Work on dissertation up to 60 ECTS

3rd Year: 60 ECTS

Major seminars* and/or individual forms of study -
Work on dissertation up to 60 ECTS

* Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are mandatory major seminars for all majors of Economics track.


Elective methodological courses in the academic year 2018/19

pdf icon Introduction to Structural Equations Modeling with LISREL

pdf icon Measurement Theory and Scaling

Major seminars in the academic year 2018/19

pdf icon Microeconomics

pdf icon Macroeconomics

pdf icon Questionnaire Design and Testing

pdf icon Contemporary Issues in Marketing Strategy

pdf icon Frontiers of Management

pdf icon Introduction to Data Science with Python

Ljubljana Doctoral Summer School 2019

Case Study Research: Design, Execution and Publication

Advanced Structural Equation Modelling

Theory Development

We kindly invite you to attend the information session, which will be held on Monday, 19 March 2018 at 5 pm in MBA lecture room.

Video here! >>>

Deadline for application and enrollment

Candidates must apply no later than 26 June 2018.

pdf icon Doctoral Summer School

Additional information about the doctoral programme

Additional information

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