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Tourism Management


Aims of the course

The objectives of the course are:
• to understand the importance of management in the tourism sector;
• to familiarize students with the basic functions of management;
• to understand the basic principles of management in tourism;
• experience management in various companies and organizations in the tourism sector;
• to understand the development of tourism in the future and new trends in tourism management.

Course syllabus

Management and its role in tourism;
• management – definitions of basic concepts;
• decision-making – processes and types of decisions;
• governance and management
• performance and public responsibility;
• company's mission.
Basic management functions:
Management of the various providers in the tourism sector:
•accommodation and catering;
•tour operators and tourist agencies;
•tourist attractions;
•public sector – tourist destinations;
The future of tourism management:
• mega-trends in tourism
• new trends in the field of management in tourism;
Examples from practice (illustrative);
•air carriers: the case of Adria Airways;
•accommodation and catering: the case of Lifeclass hotels;
•tour operators: the case of Kompas d.d.;
•tourist attractions: the case of Postojna Cave;
•tourist destination: the case of Slovenia;
•International examples of success and failure of tourism businesses.

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 11:00 in RZ-106
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