Destination marketing

Aims of the course

- To introduce students with general approach regarding destination brands, which needs nowadays similar approaches as other business entities (products, services, organizations)
- To introduce students with best cases in destination branding, with the real cases of marketing countries, regions and cities
- To introduce students with the branding strategies of country Slovenia and its actual brand I feel Slovenia
- To encourage students to team work and to think and discuss about strategic destination branding

Course syllabus

1. Destination as a complex entity – perspectives of different stakeholders
2. Destination marketing and destination management
3. Destination branding: identity and equity concept
4. Destination identity concept
5. Customer-based brand equity concept: Emphasis on different equity elements (awareness, image, quality and loyalty)
6. Suitable promotion tools for destination marketing
7. Marketing attractions and events

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Wednesday at 13:30 in P-333
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