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Teams and Teamwork in Organizations


Aims of the course

To familiarize participants with advanced concepts about work in groups and teams.

To facilitate in-depth understanding of team processes and team development.

To teach participants how to organize teams and how to be an effective team member and leader.

To teach participants how to manage multi-team projects/systems.

Course syllabus

1. Why teams? Task typology and interdependence
2. Team definition and team taxonomy
3. Team organization: Team composition and teamwork context
4. Team development and stages of team maturity
5. Team characteristics, processes and emerging states: cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects
6. Organizational and system embeddedness of contemporary teams
7. Management of multi-team systems
8. Featured teams: Virtual teams, Top management teams, New venture teams
9. Emergence and team outcomes (performance)
10. Characteristics of high performance teams

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Monday at 14:00 in P-334
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