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Brand Management


Aims of the course

To understand the importance of latest brand management approaches in modern companies
To develop knowledge about two-dimensional approach to branding
To develop competences of transfering and developing basic methods, analyses and approaches in branding
To encourage students to critically evaluate and develop appropriate branding strategies for concrete domestic and international brand

Course syllabus

1.Complex nature of a brand: Demand and supply side perspective
2.Demand side perspective to brand: Brand equity
Brand equity elements (awareness, image, perceived quality, loyalty)
3.Supply side perspective to brand: Brand identity
Pre- strategic analyses (industry analysis, competition analysis, customer analysis, brand/company analysis)
Key identity elements: vision, mission, vizualisation (name, symbol, slogan), brand attributes/benefits, culture, personality, relationship
4. Brand implementation
Inside the company: Internal branding
Outside the company: Selecting appropriate combination of tools which reach brand customers (as a combination of traditional and modern tools)
Brand strategy; brand extension
Branding in digital area

Course director(s)

  • Office Hours
  • Thursday at 13:30 in P-305
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