IT Project Management

Aims of the course

- Teach and train students for the management of more demanding projects and project programs. - Familiarize students with the comprehensive management of projects and organization in groups. - Show more modern approaches and tools of project management. - Show the specifics of IT projects and IT project management. - Involve students in various forms of project management development.

Course syllabus

BASICS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Introduction to project management, project initiation/conception, project preparation, project team management, project control, project completion PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF PROJECT PORTFOLIO AND PROGRAMS Project management support - project information system, project office, organizational regulations, organizational culture; Program and project portfolio management - portfolio management, strategic plan and projects, strategy and project financing SPECIAL TOPICS OF IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT * Types of IT projects * Competencies and certifications of project managers * Methodologies and standards * Maturity models and project excellence * Informal, agile and extreme project management * Designing the project - purpose of the phase, documentation, tasks, participants * Evaluation and revision of the project * Rewarding project work * Introduction of project management into the team * Management of virtual project teams * Project value management * Resource management in a multi-project environment * Dealing with project influencers * Procurement and contracts * Comparison of CPM (critical path) and CCPM (critical chain) methods * Project negotiations * Project change management * International projects - influence of national culture on projects * Organizational learning - types of "project knowledge" bases, capture, maintenance and n transfer of knowledge.* Assessment of feasibility and economic feasibility of projects

Course director(s)

  • LinkedIn:štemberger-9a49826a/ 
  • Office Hours
  • Tuesday at 11:00 in R-404
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