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Double Degree Programme Information Management

Are you interested in digitization? Are you aware that activities in the real world leave footprints in the digital world too? Do you know how IT can be used to help enhance business improvement initiatives? Do you want to participate in a company’s digital transformation undertakings? Are you interested in attaining knowledge about changing business processes and business models? Have you mastered IT, but are aware that today companies are also looking for people with business and management knowledge and skills? Do you have business and management knowledge, but would like to know more about contemporary IT?

University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business has developed two double degree programmes together with the renowned partner institutions:

Programmes aim at developing experts, either as business persons or information systems specialist, who will be able to directly and creatively manage, advise and participate in the development and application of information systems technologies, manage information systems departments, and manage changes leading to the strategic renewal of businesses based on restructuring the business processes and application of information technology.

Key highlights of the double degree programme:

  • Courses that provide a combination of business, technological, and managerial knowledge and skills,
  • good understanding of the role and organization of IT in the company,
  • work with contemporary information tools,
  • project work on case studies,
  • excellent domestic and foreign professors,
  • guests from practice,
  • excellent opportunities for studying abroad.

The double degree programme requires spending at least one semester abroad, acquiring core knowledge and skills, as well as specialization of field of interest. Provided that both institutions' academic requirements have been met, students of the double degree programme receive both the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business master degree and a degree from the partner institution.

Degree Obtained

The student writes their master’s thesis in English in co-mentorship - with one mentor coming from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business and the other from partner institutions. After fulfilling all obligations of both partner institutions, the student receives a degree from each of the institutions. In turn, the institutions award the following titles:

  • University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business: Bologna Master
  • NOVA IMS: European Master of Science in Information Systems Management
  • Pforzheim University Business School: MSc Information Systems
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