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Application and Admission Procedure for Undergraduate and Single Cycle Master’s Study Programmes

Enrolment into undergraduate and single cycle master’s study programmes of the University of Ljubljana is published each year on the 30th of January for the next academic year.

Candidates apply for enrolment into the undergraduate and single cycle study programmes in accordance with the deadlines and the method specified in the Call for Enrolment at the eVŠ web portal.

Application periods for academic year 2016/2017

For citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of the member states of the European Union:

  • The first application deadline: from 5 February to 4 March 2016.
  • The second application deadline: from 22 August to 29 August 2016.
  • The third application deadline: from 1 October to 3 October 2016.

For Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship and for foreign citizens from NON EU countries:

  • The first application deadline: from 5 February to 5 May 2016.
  • The third application deadline: from 1 October to 3 October 2016.

The application and admission procedure for the first and second application deadline is managed and implemented centrally by the Application and Information Service of the University of Ljubljana. The application and admission procedure for the third application deadline is carried out by the members of the University of Ljubljana.

Procedure for recognition of foreign senior secondary school certificates for admission to the 1st year of bachelor and single - cycle master study programmes

A candidate who has finished his or her studies in a foreign country (not Slovenia) and would like to continue education in the Slovenian higher education institution is obliged to acquire a decision on the recognition of the foreign education, if they have not obtained one already.

The procedure starts with the application for study in Slovenia. The procedure is conducted by the authorised person at the Central administration of the University of Ljubljana.

Guidance through the application and the required evidence is available on the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport web-sites. Please note that the required evidence of foreign education can vary, dependent on the individual foreign country of origin.

Further information:
Phone office hours:
Monday, Wednesday: 9.00 - 11.00 and 14:00 - 15:00,
Friday: 9.00 - 11.00

e-mail: priznavanje@uni-lj.si
Phone: + 386 1 241-85-95
Fax.: + 386 1 241-86-45
Personal appointments: upon written or phone request

Enrolment procedure

Faculty of Economics will inform candidates accepted about the final enrolment after the results of the selection procedure for each application period and according to enrolment periods defined with the Call for enrolment.

Office hours

  • Monday - Friday:
    from 10.00am to 12.00am
  • also
    from 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Info call centre

  • Monday, Wednesday:
    9:00-11:00 and 14:00-15:00
  • Friday:


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