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Enterprise risk management


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The purpose of the course is to prepare the future managers for successful introduction of risk management into the strategic management function within the company. The course develops the methodology of risk management across several different risks that are present within various institutions (companies, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, and pension funds). The goal of the course is to equip the students for comprehensive evaluation of these risks in both the qualitative and quantitative way.

Vsebina predmeta

1. Strategic focus of a company and the roles of risk management
2. Financial losses and risk management
3. Strategic risk
4. Project risk
5. COSO framework for enterprise risk management
6. Measuring, modelling and managing market risk
7. Measuring, modelling and managing credit risk
8. Measuring, modelling and managing liquidity risk and the interest rate risk
9. Measuring, modelling and managing operational risk
10. Integrated approach to risk management
11. Risk management in the global financial crisis

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